Foresight - the association for the promotion of preconceptual care Over the last 35 years Foresight has thoroughly researched and developed a comprehensive preconception programme to overcome infertility. We have had a consistently high success rate of over 75%, with our last survey showing an 89.8% success rate for people who fully followed our programme.

We help to overcome issues of both explained and unexplained infertility, repeated miscarriage, low sperm count and underlying health issues that may be affecting your fertility.

Our preconception programme addresses all areas of importance for prospective parents. This way the pregnancy can start with strong, vibrant sperm and ova, and the embryo is able to implant and develop under optimum condition in a well-supplied and healthy uterus.

Many people who come to Foresight have previously been through repeated cycles of IVF and/or have experienced repeated miscarriage.

We analyse specific mineral levels and heavy metal load through hair analysis. This allows us to provide a personalised supplementation programme to support levels of essential minerals and detoxify any heavy metals present. Both low levels of certain minerals and high levels of heavy metals can be major causes of infertility

Advice is given on Nutrition, Genito-Urinary infections (GUI’s), Allergies and Intolerances, Voluntary Social Poisons, Natural Family Planning, Electromagnetic and Geopathic pollution, Parasites, Yeasts and Moulds and Supplements all of which undermine fertility

Foresight designs individual, tailor-made programmes based on the findings of the hair mineral analysis and thorough assessment of both prospective parents to boost fertility.

Registered charity number: 279160

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