Infertility Network UK

Infertility Network UK is the leading, independent national charity for people who experience difficulties when trying to conceive. No other fertility organisation offers the range of services and support that we do including:

  • Accurate information – Infertility is a complex condition. There are many causes, many treatment options and a great deal at stake, both physically, emotionally and in terms of money. The right information at the right time can help people make the best choices and can mean the difference between having the child they long for – or not.
  • Emotional support – We care very deeply about the suffering which affects those with fertility issues and we are there whenever people need us. Our support groups, website and telephone helpliners let people know they are not alone. Here, they can share their experiences, find advice and get the support they need to help them cope when they find they have fertility problems, whilst going through treatment or when considering their options if treatment is not appropriate or hasn’t worked for them. We are the only fertility support organisation that offers one-to-one emotional support through our trained volunteers, and all our services are free
  • A powerful voice – We campaign and lobby hard to help people have fair access to fertility treatment and NHS funding, no matter where they live. And we speak out to help change negative attitudes towards those who struggle to have children

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