According to a recent online survey conducted by the skin disease charity the British Skin Foundation, 23% of those who participated said that they had suffered from an isolated incident of bullying, with a further 18% revealing that they suffered from regular bullying from their workplace or school. A staggering 92% had been on the receiving end of unwanted remarks and stares.

For more information about the survey follow this link – http://www.talkeczema.com/webdocs/features/four_out_of_ten_skin_disease_sufferers_bullied.php


3 Responses to Four Out Of Ten Skin Disease Sufferers Bullied

  1. Anonymous

    >My toddler son has been bullied by mothers and grandmothers. They think his eczema is contagious and tell him he's "yucky." How can adults pick on a little boy who cannot defend himself?

  2. Skin treatment
  3. Staph Infection

    >Bullying people who are suffering from such ailments is really shameful. There should be support centers within schools who can let the students know these diseases well.

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