rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

Monthly Archives: September 2009

Probiotics and Eczema


We’ve had some feedback from people looking at our blog about how they’ve used Probiotics as part of the treatment and management of eczema. For more information on this subject visit and also the Daily Mail have an interesting … Continue reading


Delicate Eyes and Eczema


Apply your eye cream or emollient using your wedding ring finger to avoid too much pressure on any facial eczema, as skin around the eyes is more delicate. +374   


Moisturiser in the Fridge


Did you know that if you put your moisturiser/emollient in the fridge it will act as a cooling agent on your eczema as you apply it – this may help to reduce inflammation and itching. For more information on how … Continue reading


Applying Emollients Correctly


As winter sets in it’s time to think about how much more our skin dries out and for those with eczema it is particulary important to moisturise regularly and correctly. Make sure you use a moisturiser that suits your skin. … Continue reading


Hydrate Your Skin


Hydrate your skin by drinking plenty of water – your body needs around 2.5 litres each day – that’s around 5 pints! It’s not going to get rid of your eczema but it’s going to help. +405   


Winter Eczema


Eczema symptoms can be exacerbated by temperature changes – especially during the winter months when we go from warm centrally heated houses to the colder outdoors. Visit and become a member for free. You can then chat in our … Continue reading