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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Big Head May Protect Against Dementia


According to research carried out at Munich University, having a big head may help protect against the worst ravages of dementia. Researchers found that people with Alzheimer’s with the largest craniums had better memory and thinking skills than patients with … Continue reading


Equity and Excellence – Liberating the NHS


Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley has set out the Government’s ambitious plans to reform the NHS during this Parliament and for the long-term. The White Paper ‘Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS’ published today, details how power will be … Continue reading


Researchers Say Depression May Double Dementia Risk


Having depression may nearly double the risk of developing dementia later in life, new research suggests. Experts know that the two conditions often co-exist, but it is not clear if one actually leads to the other. Now two studies published … Continue reading


“Patients Should be at the Heart of Everything We Do” Says Secretary of State for Health


In one of the most radical shake ups within the NHS in years, Andrew Lansley, Secretary of State for Health, sets out his vision for the future of the NHS where the “patient is at the heart of everything we … Continue reading


Gene Mutation May Make Some People More Prone to Asthma


People with asthma appear to have subtle differences in a gene that encodes a protein responsible for deciding whether particular immune cells live or die, new research reveals. A Johns Hopkins team examined the gene controlling the protein — known … Continue reading


Life Expectancy Gap is Widening with Poorest Losing Out


According to a National Audit Office report published today, the gap between average life expectancy and that of the poorest in England is widening despite efforts to close it. Life expectancy is now 77.9 years for men and 82 years for … Continue reading


Swine Flu Vaccine Contracts Lacked ‘Get Out Clauses’


According to an independent review, the contracts negotiated by the UK government for a swine flu vaccine should have had get-out clauses to protect taxpayers’ money, experts say. More than 30m doses are thought to be left over after one … Continue reading


Test to Predict Menopause Age


Doctors are closer to being able to predict the age that a woman will hit the menopause. A study of 266 Iranian women in a 12 year study found it was possible to pinpoint the age of menopause by measuring … Continue reading