rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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A large proportion of asthma sufferers are affected by house dust mites. It is, therefore, important to concentrate on reducing, as far as possible, contact with dust mites. One main area where dust mites are plentiful is in the bedroom. … Continue reading


Acne care: shaving


Shaving facial hair sometimes creates a dilemma when one has active acne.  The need to hide the skin condition is counterbalanced by the need to eliminate the condition. This involves keeping the skin clean which is more difficult to do … Continue reading


Free samples & offers


FREE samples and offers that are available across our talk sites. Be up to date on our offers by joining FREE today one of our sites – it is very easy and quick, just click here … Welcome Packs – … Continue reading


Psoriasis during pregnancy


Moderate to severe psoriasis is an independent risk factor for a variety of adverse pregnancy outcomes, according to Dr. Jennifer C. Cather. Yet much remains unknown about the impact of psoriasis and its treatment in pregnancy. For this reason, every … Continue reading


Extremely obese children


Children who are overweight or obese have a significantly higher prevalence of psoriasis, and teens with psoriasis, regardless of their body weight, have higher cholesterol levels, according to a Kaiser Permanente study published online in the Journal of Pediatrics.  The … Continue reading


Natural and organic products


An award-winning range of natural and organic products with no harsh chemicals to aggravate sensitive skin.  Suitable for those prone to eczema. With no harsh chemicals like SLS, parabens and phthalates to aggravate already sensitive skin and plenty of organic … Continue reading


Water softeners and the benefits for people with eczema


If you or your child suffers from eczema, you’re not alone. Around one in five* children and one in twelve adults are affected by this distressing skin condition.  Over the years Kinetico have helped many eczema sufferers by installing a … Continue reading


Integrative approaches


Sharpen your understanding of hormonal balancing and estrogen level management. The transition to menopause can be a time of reflection and inspiration. Although transitions of any kind can be inherently difficult, many women experience a newfound sense of freedom and … Continue reading


An Open Clinic on Hay Fever – NOW OPEN!


From Friday 2o May until Thursday 26 May only, patient support charity Action Against Allergy is teaming up with NHS Choices and talkhealth to present an open clinic on hay fever. Clinical experts from King’s College London Allergy Academy will … Continue reading


Severe hypertension


UC Davis dermatologists have found that people who have high blood pressure as well as psoriasis – a condition that causes patches of irritated, itchy red skin – are more likely to have more severe high blood pressure and require … Continue reading


Natural S-equol


Healthy pre-and post-menopausal Japanese women who took a supplement of SE5-OH containing Natural S-equol, a novel soy germ-based ingredient under development for the management of menopausal symptoms, had measures of reproductive hormones that stayed within normal limits throughout the study. … Continue reading


Photodynamic therapy


The Photodynamic Therapy acne treatment is recommended by Dr. Abrams for those who suffer from moderate acne, teenagers and adults with resistant and hard to treat acne or people who suffer from cystic acne with regular breakouts; it is a … Continue reading


Inhalers – relievers and preventers


One of the most widely used treatments for asthma is the use of inhalers (also known as puffers).  Inhalers contain a solution of medicine and a propellant which is used to create a fine spray that can be breathed in.  … Continue reading


Fluoride & acne


Fluoride is in our toothpaste. It`s in our water. It`s even in our food. While fluoride is praised for saving our teeth, many alternative health experts question the validity of fluoride`s benefits. And now many realize that fluoride may also … Continue reading


Acne directory


Our acne directory offers you a comprehensive list of companies who manufacture and distribute treatments and products suitable for people living with acne and oily skin. You can browse through the directory using the a-z categories. To access the directory … Continue reading


Charities & Support Groups


On specific talkhealth sites we have information on Charities & Support Groups offering help and information about living with specific health conditions such as eczema, allergies and menopause. To access the relevant, Charities & Support Groups, page just click on … Continue reading


Menopause Directory


Our menopause directory offers you a comprehensive list of companies who manufacture and distribute treatments and products such as bedding, clothing, hair treatments, insomnia, personal care, skin care, vitamins & supplements as well as weight management – suitable for people … Continue reading


Articles about psoriasis


Within the ‘articles‘ section of talkpsoriasis, items about psoriasis have been written by doctors, specialists, journalists and individuals from professional bodies and organisations.  You can read articles such as: Psoriasis study will target stress and state of mind Psoriasis patients: … Continue reading


Eczema fact sheets


Educational fact sheets about managing and treating eczema are a useful source of reference that can be taken with you when you see your GP, practice nurse or other healthcare professional. The information provided in the eczema fact sheets is … Continue reading


Action Against Allergy – information


The symptoms of allergy and allergy-related illness come in many different forms, from a mild irritant to a severely debilitating chronic condition. About one in three of us suffers allergy for all or part of our life and although there … Continue reading


NICE recommends golimumab for psoriatic arthritis


The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has today issued final guidance recommending golimumab (Simponi) for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis. Golimumab joins a list of treatment options already recommended by NICE for this condition. The guidance recommends … Continue reading


Psoriasis patients: benefit of long-established treatments


For patients with severe psoriasis, a new class of intravenous and injectable biological medicines known as “biologics” has brought about a near revolution in treatment. But doctors at the University of Michigan Health System note that patients and their doctors … Continue reading




People with psoriasis could benefit from a new study that aims to improve symptoms through the psychological concept of ‘mindfulness’. Researchers at The University of Manchester will be asking 40 volunteers with psoriasis to participate in a therapy group to … Continue reading


Topical corticosteroids


Use of topical corticosteroids in children with eczema does not have negative side effects. A new study published in the journal Pediatric Dermatology reveals that routine, long-term use of topical corticosteroids (TCS) for treating children with eczema does not cause … Continue reading


Water softeners, do they work?


Interested in trialing a water softener to see if your eczema improves?  We are looking for 50 people, resident in the UK, to help in this great survey.  Kinetico, the leading filtered water specialist will come and install for FREE, … Continue reading


FREE 500g Balneum Cream – 28 Day Survey


talkeczema and talkpsoriasis are looking for 200 volunteers, living in the UK, with eczema or psoriasis to take part in a 28 day survey using Balneum Cream manufactured by Almirall. We would like to hear your general feedback on how … Continue reading


Allergic asthma treatments


A major breakthrough in creating effective new treatments for allergic asthma has been discovered by Asthma UK funded scientists at King’s College London. The discovery is the culmination of over fifteen years of Asthma UK-funded research, and the findings are … Continue reading


Poster downloads for patients, sponsors and the media


talkhealth invites you to download copies of its pdf posters.  The posters are a mixture of future events to be run on the sites and the talkhealth conditions such as eczema, acne, allergy, psoriasis, menopause and asthma. From this page … Continue reading