rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.



If you or your child suffers from eczema, you’re not alone.

Around one in five* children and one in twelve adults are affected by this distressing skin condition.  Over the years Kinetico have helped many eczema sufferers by installing a water softener.  This is because people with eczema find that their skin can improve once they have installed a water softener, particularly if they live in a hard water area. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium which can irritate the skin of some people.  And if you live in a hard water area you will tend to use more soap and detergent when washing clothes and bathing/showering and these products can irritate the skin of those with eczema.

Water softeners have an ‘ion exchange’ system which works to remove the irritating calcium and magnesium salts from the water, thus eliminating the hardness.

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* Source: National Eczema Society 2001



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One Response to Water softeners and the benefits for people with eczema

  1. Kinnari Shah

    We were chosen for the Kinetico water softener trial. The water softener was installed 3 weeks ago. Initially the taste of drinking was different; however we have become used to it now. Water feels light and soft. The soft water seems to have helped us as far as constipation is concerned.

    We feel that our skin feels much smoother now. There is less dryness and irritation of the skin.

    I have long beautiful hair and comparatively less hair is falling out. My hair has become soft and smooth.

    The water also has helped our laundry. Clothes are comparatively cleaner and whites are whiter.

    We haven’t noticed a significant improvement in the eczema as yet maybe because it has been only 3 weeks.

    I am really very happy with the product!

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