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Our online clinic on eczema was a huge success. One of the key topics was about scratching and eczema.

Here’s want Becky says about her daughter “My 3 year old scratches a lot, especially at bedtime when she’s tired and people say you shouldn’t say “stop scratching”. But I have never really been told what is better to say/do.

I’m afraid I do say “stop scratching” sometimes which does annoy her (and me!). What should I be saying? Is it just a matter of diverting their attention/distracting them? She has started to say she is going to hide in the wardrobe so nobody can see her itching.

Does anyone have any advice or tips? I don’t want me saying “stop scratching” to make it more of an issue for her if you know what i mean.

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  1. Maybe you can put socks on her hands… My mom used to do that to me. Or tell her to scratch once, and stop and see if it helped. Or tell her to try rubbing it or slapping it lightly instead. Or think of a code word? Not sure, good luck!

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