Hey guys!

As you can probably tell, I’m a bit more chipper again 🙂 My skin is finally recovering from the flare-up I spoke of in the last blog post, the skin on my face is relatively back to “normal” (which basically means that it’s got eczema on it, but for some reason it’s still a normal skin colour). My arms are quite good, wrists & hands are red & leathery because the eczema is quite bad there, but the rest of my arms seem to be just dry. And good news! My legs seem to be clearing up! They used to be really dry, covered in scars from scratching and generally unpleasant to look at, but at the moment the scars seem to be disappearing. They are still quite dry & a bit leathery, but they seem to be recovering! And are a lot less itchy!

The diet is still going good, still no cheating, this is officially the 5th day of the diet & I’m doing well. My skin seems to be content at the moment; it’s not getting any better, but it’s not getting any worse. Since my skin has started recovering from the bad flare-up, I’ve definitely been a bit happier! Of course, the eczema is still on most of my body, and I’m still using a steroid cream on it because if I stop using one my skin will go REALLY bad. What I’m hoping will happen is that the diet will work (fingers tightly crossed!) and I’ll be able to wean myself off the steroid creams without a really bad flare-up because there’s nothing for my skin to react to, that’s the dream!

So overall, things are going okay 🙂
Bye guys!

Brooke x


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