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Tickets go on sale tomorrow for a new lottery. The Health Lottery pledges to give 20p from every £1 to health related good causes. Although the National Lottery give 28p from every pound the Health Lottery’s Chief Executive, Martin Hall claims more money is being donated to charity through the Health Lottery as the National Lottery gives to other non-charitable causes such as the Olympics.

The draw will be shown on ITV and Channel 5 every Saturday from the 8th October with prize money ranging from £50 to £100,000 with no rollover. It will be made up of 51 society lotteries each representing at least 1 local authority with the areas taking it in turns to participate each week.

Health related good causes are said to include dementia support nurses and support and counselling for young carers.

Tell us what you think about the Health Lottery. Do you think it’s good or are you sceptical? Let us know.

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2 Responses to New health lottery launched

  1. Lee

    I think the health lottery is a great idea raising money for good causes and also gives us players a better chance of winning even though the top prize is only £100,000 it will be nice to win it join a syndicate for a better chance to win.

  2. John Smith

    I think it is a brilliant idea. Health care support for the elderly is an area I am personally passionate about. I will definitely play health lottery and do my bit to contribute towards this cause.

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