rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

Monthly Archives: October 2011

All is going smoothly


Hey guys, Just wanted to say that my skin is still doing the same, and the diet is going well 🙂 I’m really getting to grips with the diet now, and the boundries of what I can and cannot eat … Continue reading


For Your Heart’s Sake – Eat Chocolate!


Now that’s what I call a health headline!  Usually we are urged to give up what we love and eat things we may loathe, but let’s have a cheer for some Swedish researchers who have contributed the latest glad tidings. … Continue reading


Grandma’s diary. A very long day!


Hi everyone, I thought this week I would pass the blog to Grandma as she has done a huge amount of the childminding from my son’s very young age  and can give a different perspective which will be familiar to … Continue reading


The Girls of No. 82, Just Roll with it.


Hello everyone I hope you have all had a good week, we have been busy here in Bristol my little one back in flare so we have had some pretty full on evenings! The thing with eczema especially childhood eczema … Continue reading


Pumpkin Menopause!


BOO! and BOO!  and BOO! You might think these pumpkins are men but they aren’t!  They are lady pumpkins who have pulled their hair back. And guess what?  Each one is in the middle of the Roller Coaster Ride!  You didn’t … Continue reading


Still going strong


Just a quick update – stood on the scales this morning, 2 weeks into my healthier lifestyle, and I’ve lost another pound. That’s 5 pounds in total. Well done me! I don’t actually feel like I’ve lost weight but the … Continue reading


Breaking the cycle of gaining and losing


How many times have you lost weight and then gained it? You know there was that wedding you lost weight for and looked fab in your wedding dress. Then there was the summer holiday bikini you managed to squeeze into. … Continue reading


Online clinic on psoriasis opens today


An online clinic on psoriasis with NHS Choices, Psoriasis UK and British Skin Foundation and sponsored by mumsnet opened this morning. Clinical experts will be available to answer all your questions about issues surrounding psoriasis, offering advice on caring for … Continue reading


Is raw meat helping my skin more?


Hey guys 🙂 My skin is good again! Not really good as it has been before, but yesterday I had a few red blotches that were aggravating me and now they’re pretty much gone, which was a really quick recovery! But what … Continue reading


Am I still on track?


I know I’ve not been blogging for a few days but family and work has sort of ‘got in the way’ – it’s half term so I’m either finishing work a little earlier to spend time with my girls or … Continue reading


Summer is upon us…


So once again, summer is just a few short weeks away (well, for me) and for once, my skin seems to be okay. Usually at this time of year with all the heat and humidity, it usually flares up. Yet … Continue reading


Online clinic on psoriasis coming soon


Psoriasis Association and British Skin Foundation have teamed up with NHS Choices and talkhealth to present an online clinic on psoriasis. Clinical experts will be available to answer all your questions about issues surrounding psoriasis, offering advice on caring for … Continue reading


Stress & Skin……..


Ladies & Gents…. What a week, you normally see me blogging about my children’s skin be it eczema or acne. You read about my antics on the beach with my girls or my constant endeavours to combat the compliance issue … Continue reading


Stay calm and eat your carrot!


Hey guys! So sorry my blogging has been a rare occurance lately, college stress has been weighing down on me quite a bit and my parents went away for a few days so I had to look after the house … Continue reading


Keep It Simple, and Put on a Happy Face!


  Just a few simple lines and dots.  Yet they work.  The happy face smiles, and you smile back.  (If you’re not a fan of happy faces, I’d love to have you agree with me today for the sake of … Continue reading


Sweetie, If it’s Not Natural – It’s Not Natural


I wish I had a pound/dollar/euro/escudo for every time I have mentioned the dangers of sugar substitutes because I could have retired to Cancun years ago – but stick with me because recent news makes it worth repeating. Three key … Continue reading


An Eczema Journey


This week I have been looking back at the long journey we have made from diagnosis, the support we received along the way and to what is available now to parents and carers of those children with eczema. I remember … Continue reading


Maccy D’s ….


On Wednesday I was faced with having to take my children to McDonald’s as it was the start of the half term break, and they asked if we could go for a treat. What could I say? We rarely go … Continue reading


Holiday tips please…


So in exactly one month from today, I’ll be heading to Europe for a 2 month trip (Yay!) The only downside is that I’ll be backpacking and won’t have access to a bath at all and will be heavily relying … Continue reading


Fish foot spas may spread disease


A new pedicure craze is sweeping the nation but is it safe? Fish foot spas are a nibbling treatment where dead skin is removed from the feet by fish. However Britain’s health protection agency have warned that this could be … Continue reading


Complaints about GP’s on the increase


Figures from the parliamentary and health service ombudsman have revealed that complaints made regarding GP’s have risen. 2,581 complaints were made in the last year against GP’s, an increase of 162, however this equates to 17% which is the same … Continue reading


Diabetes drug in draft guidance from NICE


A drug used to treat type 2 diabetes has been recommended for use in triple therapies for those unable to use the current method. Exenatide is currently administered once a week as a long acting medication. This guidance suggests that … Continue reading


It’s official


Well, I took the plunge today to do my BMI (via NHS Choices onsite app) – and I am officially sitting right in the middle of the over-weight section. Not that I needed proof of course, but it’s always good … Continue reading


Perks of being an eczema-tic


Believe it or not, there are some perks to having eczema. While there are a gazillion (yes, this is a true measurement of quantity) negatives, the optimist in me has found some positives. We get to have long baths (if … Continue reading




Hey Guys, I am sooo sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while but college has just gotten really stressful because of applying for Universities and my lecturers seem to be piling the work on me! My skin is a … Continue reading


It’s a Paper Doll’s Life


The fashion life of a paper doll must be glorious.  She stands upright and proud in her underwear.  (That’s an accomplishment right there!)  Someone selects an outfit, slips it on, and suddenly, she’s beautifully dressed from head to toe. The … Continue reading


10 Myths About Food Intolerance


I thought that I would share with you some of the common myths surrounding food intolerance! Here goes:- Myth 1 – Food intolerances are very rare Genuine food allergy is rare. Less than 2% of the population (and 8% of children … Continue reading


I couldn’t resist


Why is it, that now I’m watching what I eat, I want to see results fast! Why is it that every time I’m in the bathroom I can’t resist stepping on the scales! As if I’m going to lose a … Continue reading


The hot vs cool water debate


For as long as I can remember, I’ve had doctors tell me that I should only have warm showers and baths. Well, that’s all good and dandy in theory, but when you have red raw skin and are sweating, the … Continue reading


Commitment Phobic Men Have Almost Double Cancer Risk


If your partner is ‘just a boy who cain’t say yes’ to paraphrase Oklahoma, then you have a new weapon in your armoury if your aim is to get him to the altar. New research published in BioMed Central’s open … Continue reading


Latte or Earl Grey? Was I in control of me?


Well – how did I get on over the weekend I hear you ask? Well, I had a lovely afternoon with a friend drinking …… EARL GREY tea! In the queue to order I had to stare at the muffins … Continue reading


For the love of bread


The single biggest problem with a gluten free diet is bread. Not only is shop bought bread expensive, it’s also dry and makes really poor sandwiches. In fact my daughter won’t eat it as a sandwich. You can get gluten … Continue reading


First blog


Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me.  Have just about managed to get a grip on tweeting as some of you may know but have faith I will improve! As you can see from … Continue reading


My first blog


Where to start ….. I’ve always had issues with my weight. I vaguely remember as a little girl being denied some of the cakes and sweets others were having and I’m grateful to my mother for not allowing me to … Continue reading


1 in 4 people with psoriasis may have undiagnosed psoriatic arthritis


A study by the National Psoriasis Foundation has discovered that as many as 1 in 4 people with psoriasis may also have undiagnosed psoriatic arthritis. Psoriatic arthritis is a type of inflammatory arthritis that affects the joints and tendons. 30% … Continue reading


Be honest – do you eat too much?


The government has announced the problem with obesity, we eat too much yet fail to accept that is the problem. Statistics show that in England more than 60% of the adult population are obese and 23% of 4 to 5 … Continue reading


Get gorgeous autumn skin


At this time of lower humidity, with less water carried in the air, cold and often windy days add new challenges to your skin. All heating creates a dry air environment – with central heating at home being the main … Continue reading




Hello Everyone, My apologies for being absent for a few days. My oldest daughter, who, in my last blog, had requested that I take her to see our GP with reference to her ACNE, has (we think but are not … Continue reading


Science shows a jog a day keeps the doctor away


Exercise could be used to prevent or even treat a whole range of physical and mental health conditions, according to research revealed by eminent scientists at a London conference today. The findings of scientific research were presented to a packed … Continue reading


Investigation into neglect of elderly in hospitals


An investigation by the Care Quality Commission has discovered that some elderly people are being deprived of basic care and compassion by NHS staff. 100 hospitals were inspected throughout the investigation and results show that while budget cuts and over … Continue reading


Food intolerance – research links food triggers with migraine


With an estimated 12-15% of people suffering from migraine, this means that roughly seven million people suffer in the UK alone. Stats from the charity Migraine Action reveal that migraines affect twice as many women as men, they affect people … Continue reading


Stupid restaurants!


Hey guys My skin is going well still, my upper arms and legs are quite bad after showers, but my skin always reacts badly after a shower! But the skin on my face is doing especially well at the moment … Continue reading


Cure for peanut allergy


Researchers at Northwestern University in Chicago are a step closer to a cure for peanut allergies. By tricking the immune system of people with peanut allergies into thinking that peanut proteins are safe anaphylactic shocks are prevented. The immune system … Continue reading


Ah Skin, Ah Youth


There’s something sad about a mother who is jealous of her own children.  That’s not me.  If my children succeed where I have failed, I celebrate. The girls got better report cards than I did—Happy Mother Check Mark. The girls … Continue reading


Sand, Sea & Dermatology


It’s amazing just what a difference a good night’s sleep can make…….Thankfully Issi-May is calming down from her latest eczema flare and sleeping much better so we decided that we would all head down to the coast for the weekend … Continue reading




Hey guys, My skin is pretty much the same as yesterday, I still haven’t used steroids on my face 🙂 In this post I just wanted to talk about how my cravings seem to be going away! Sometimes when I’m … Continue reading


Getting a little repetitive


Hey guys At the moment my skin is doing quite good, the skin on my face looks really good, it’s still dry & flaky but it’s not red and raw as I’ve experienced many times before. My arms and legs … Continue reading


How do you get a 3 year old to understand their allergies?


So how do you get a 3 year old to understand that they can’t eat wheat? That if they eat wheat they will end up in pain and discomfort for days around going to the toilet? How do you get … Continue reading


Do I Really Need Botox….?


Hi Everyone I am a little jaded tonight hence my question around Botox , I can’t believe just how much my face has dropped over the duration of this week. At one point today I actually thought I would need … Continue reading


Food allergy or intolerance? When people talk about suffering from food reactions, whether allergy, intolerance or hyper-sensitivity, what do they mean?


The statistics from Allergy UK state that 45% of the population suffer from “food intolerance” symptoms such as gut problems, skin problems, headaches, migraines, joint pains, fatigue and low mood. However, when people talk about suffering from food reactions, whether … Continue reading


Cherries are so delicious!


Hey guys, My skin is pretty much the same today as it was yesterday, but I went to the hospital today for a check up because my GP was concerned that I was using all the right creams etc & … Continue reading


Yahoo for the Change in Weather


I am sure that everyone else is really sad to see the sun change to wind and some rain but come Monday late afternoon when the weather in the Southwest changed, I found myself running around the kitchen table …….with relief! … Continue reading


Raw is right!


Hey guys At the moment my skin is still good, I used a weaker cream on my arms yesterday to reduce the amount of strong steroid that my skin is battered with, then moved back up to the strong cream … Continue reading


Facial eczema


During our online clinic on eczema a key topic was facial eczema. Rizman asked the experts “As a child I had eczema on the inner side of the elbow on my arms. During my childhood and teenage years it had … Continue reading


Do you have ‘skinny genes’?


Researchers at University College London have discovered that children with slimmer parents are three times more likely to be slim than children with parents who are overweight. It has been known for some time that obesity runs in families but … Continue reading


Are you a victim of smiling depression?


Since David Walliams declared that he has suffered with depression for most of his life experts have announced that they believe millions of Britons also suffer and like David Walliams mask their emotions with a smile. Smiling depression is used … Continue reading


It’s Ok, Ovaries


I could feel an ovary trying to decide what to do.  One hour, I sensed the familiar and oh so annoying twinges that meant ovulation was on its way (followed by two weeks of PMS in her various forms). The … Continue reading


New free scheme launched called New Medicine Service (NMS)


A new scheme funded by the NHS has been launched for those prescribed a new medication for an pre-existing, long-term condition or when newly diagnosed. The initiative is based around consultations with your local pharmacist to support you over the … Continue reading


Blog #1 – Twenty Years


For 20 years, eczema’s been a huge part of my life. I haven’t known a life without it and the only other person in my family who’s had it is my uncle and he stopped getting it in his teens. … Continue reading


Body is confused…


Hey guys I’m back on the really strong cream unfortunately, my arms and legs were getting quite bad but my face stayed good so I’m not using the strong steroid cream on my face I’m using a weaker one which … Continue reading


Tips for Rosacea skin types


Rosacea is sometimes referred to as ‘adult acne’. Your face becomes flushed and red due to dilation of the small blood vessels close to the skin surface. It is often accompanied with severe dryness and irritation around the chin, cheeks, … Continue reading


The battle against childhood skin disease takes to the airwaves


Skin disease research charity the British Skin Foundation (BSF) is taking the battle against skin disease in children to the airwaves by producing a series of radio shows aimed at children and parents. The charity has teamed up with the … Continue reading


The best eczema advice I ever received


I thought I would start my blog post series with one of the best most helpful things anybody has ever said to me about my eczema. It wasn’t told to me by a doctor, or a dermatologist, or even a … Continue reading


Anna’s first blog


I am a mother of three fantastic children aged 14, 5 and 4 (my youngest child is a severe sufferer of eczema and has been since her toddler moments), and I have enjoyed a career in sales and marketing for … Continue reading