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Hey guys

I’m back on the really strong cream unfortunately, my arms and legs were getting quite bad but my face stayed good so I’m not using the strong steroid cream on my face I’m using a weaker one which seems to keep it in the same condition. My arms and legs are recovering rapidly, they never get back to ‘normal’ but they are far less inflamed.

As for the diet, this weekend just gone I cheated like a crazy person, it was a friends birthday party and I was at my best friends house all weekend due to a spur-of-the-moment idea, so they didn’t have much food there for me to eat. I didn’t cheat too much, I tried my hardest not to eat gluten but I’m pretty sure there might have been some in the meal, but the strong cream should help fight back any flare-up that may occur. However, I am a bit ill, I have a cold, and I haven’t had a cold in years, so I don’t know whether that’s because of the change in diet or if I caught it from somewhere (there is a lurgy going around my college at the moment).

But I’m back onto the raw diet, I’m starting it officially now, and when I go shopping on Wednesday I will be getting some steak, beef and fish to eat almost raw (I will be cooking them for a few minutes each side so my body doesn’t freak out too much from the new raw food) and I’m also eating raw organic vegetables with the skin on and not cooking or editing them in any way, just a clean under the tap to get the dirt off. So hopefully this diet will jumpstart the healing process for my skin and my body, fingers crossed anyway!

Hope everyone is doing well, and please comment with any questions or concerns because I really enjoy hearing from you all 🙂

Bye guys

Brooke x



Hey, my name is Brooke. Basically, I have this blog so I can talk about eczema. I have suffered with eczema all my life, and when I turned 13 it flared up for no apparent reason, and has remained basically the same. So on here I will hopefully be blogging everyday explaining new things I am using to try and fight eczema, and hopefully I will overcome it. Happy blogging!

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  1. TUNDE

    Hi Brooke! I have psoriasis since I was 19 ,now I’m 43. I’ve tried everything, diet,all sort of creams,and non of them helped me. A few months back I was selected by talkhealth to do a survey about a new cream. In that time my body was covered 75% with psoriasis. So I start using this cream,and after 1 month of using it,my body is clear! BALNEUM CREAM,try it

  2. Hi Brooke, its great to connect with you. I am a psoriasis sufferer and have been for 14 years until i found some amazing products from a company called forever living. I don’t know whether you have heard of them because they only sell through distributors. The products are aloe vera and beehive based and as they are the lergest growers and producers of aloevera in the world there are no competitors as far as quality goes. Someone told me i should be drinking the aloe vera gel every day and washing with their soap and using the beepropolis cream on the patches. I was sceptical as i had tried everything that was out there being desperate as it covered 90% of my body including my face, but when they said that there was a 60 day satisfaction money back guarantee then i thought what did i have to lose? If it doesnt work then i get my money back, so i dived straight in and by 7 weeks i was COMPLETELY CLEAR. My skin is amazing and i now have a new lease of life. These products are incredibly effective for eczema too and everyone in my area is raving about it with miracle testimonials. This however is not a cure as you have to keep using the products and drinking the gel to stay clear but as they are all natural you feel the longterm benefits and don’t want to stop using them.

  3. Anna B Anna

    HI Brooke, my blog is also up and running now so please take a look and we can see if we can keep each other going! Tell me something, does the change in weather make any difference to your skin? Over the weekend when the weather was crazy hot, my 4 year old Issi-May who like yourself has seriously bad eczema was in bits!! Not only does it affect her skin (which you can practically see heating up from the inside out) but the level of discomfort that this causes then has a dramatic affect of her moods and then the whole household (understandably). We spent most of Saturday night in a very cool bath trying to stop her from scratching her skin off of her body. Then she just sobs. I was so relieved when the weather changed on Sunday evening. I leave one of the emollient creams in the fridge now so when I apply it at least it’s cold! Anna

  4. Brooke Brooke

    Hi Tunde,
    I actually use balnium oil in water in the mornings and apply it to my skin with a flannel which seems to help, but I have never heard of the cream for it, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it, thanks for the suggestion!

    Hey Emma,
    I find it great to connect with sufferers too! I’ve actually heard of aloe vera and beeswax helping before but I haven’t had a chance to grab it lately, but with your recommendation I will definitely give it a go! I’m pretty sure there is a certain shop near me that sells it so I may as well give it a shot. But I won’t try it until I’ve given this diet a proper go because otherwise I won’t know which one is helping me, but I will try it once I’ve seen how the diet effects me 😀

    Hi Anna,
    I definitely could use a blogger friend for support! 🙂 Umm, I think the cold weather makes it slightly drier (understandable) and a bit more pink, like if I go outside when it’s a bit chilly my cheeks get a bit pink, but I think that’s normal anyway! It must be so hard for your 4 year old to deal with this, you might want to try having a cool bath with oats in it if possible? Oats has been said to have really good stuff in it that calms the skin and helps prevent itching 🙂 also, I’ve found that if I sit about a foot or 2 away from a cold fan and completely take my mind off my skin with a film or something, my skin will get so much better really quickly! So please try and distract your daughter, make her laugh and keep her cool and you’ll definitely see a difference!

    Thanks for the replies guys!
    Brooke x

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