Hi Everyone
I am a little jaded tonight hence my question around Botox , I can’t believe just how much my face has dropped over the duration of this week. At one point today I actually thought I would need to lift my eye-lids back up over my eyes and remind them of their destination point!

Well last night was really rough, my daughter Issi-May woke about 3 times with the constant itching and scratching which, I eventually gave into and we headed for the kitchen for the prescribed Phenergan (sadly they no longer make vallergan which is a much kinder version of the antihistamine previously prescribed by the dermatologist that my little girl is under). My hesitation to reach for this syrup is due to the fact that I know the next day her mood will be vile, she will be grumpy, angry and in general be a great double act for one of life’s horror movies ‘chuckie’!

So in the kitchen I administer the Phenergan as prescribed, followed by juice and a cookie to take the taste away, apply some more emollient to calm down her skin (the whole time she is applying emollient to my hair with a pleasing smile – I am by this time way too tired to protest) and then we lay quietly on the bed with another bed time storie (cheekie Charlie, …………yet again), I glance over at the clock and realise that in just over an hour or so it will be time to get up for school, deep joy!

The day, thankfully is good and she has come home from school tired and a little difficult but her skin is looking good. In true trooper fashion I have seized the moment (that tiny window of compliance and agreeability) and she is now tucked up in bed fast asleep. I am now going to run a deep hot bath, pile on the strongest, most age defying face mask known to the female beauty race and head off to bed with a hope and a prayer that tomorrow when I wake…..I will give any supermodel a run for her money or at least be able to have enough eyelid muscles to keep my own eyes open – fully! Wishing a peaceful night to all zzzzzzzzzzzz


2 Responses to Do I Really Need Botox….?

  1. avril

    For people that are not sure if they need botox or not, there is one one recommended thing to do: go and ask for professional advice because only a certified doctor can tell if a person needs such a treatment or if there’s another better solution.
    When I wanted to get rid of my wrinkles I wanted to do a Juvederm treatment, but when I asked the doctor he told me that I have dynamic wrinkles that can be treated only with Botox.

  2. From your picture here, NO! You don’t need botox at all. You look perfect just the way you are.

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