During our online clinic on eczema a key topic was facial eczema.

Rizman asked the experts “As a child I had eczema on the inner side of the elbow on my arms. During my childhood and teenage years it had gone. In my adulthood last year I had a case of eczema on my face which irritated my face. It was difficult to sleep, it was dry and nothing would work. Then my face went black as I had a rough layer of skin on my face which eventually rusted off with liquid paraffin. However even today I have it on my face. I use Hydrous cream 3 times a day in order to control it but my face becomes irritable when exposed to heat or if I wash my face with warm water.

What is worrying me most is the fact I have a dark face. My cheeks have a dark patch where the eczema was and this has lowered my confidence. I re-assure myself that it is better than being red but it still effects me. I just don’t know what to do. I use hydrous cream to control the eczema but what do I use to make my face look the way it use to?”

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