I’m delighted to be asked to join the talkhealth blog team and am looking forward to joining in the forum discussions too.  My passions are all around health, allergies, food intolerances and celiac disease and the challenges people face in everyday life just to remain safe.  It can be a very lonely time, but it can also be empowering and can encourage you to lead a much healthier lifestyle than you might otherwise have done.   Having multiple serious and life threatening allergies myself has made me become far more health conscious and consequently I’m sure I’m far more healthy.

Eating out, the dreaded invitation to dinner, which must follow complicated instructions for the unsuspecting friend, who may never invite you again mean you will probably eat out only on special occasions, and also only when the venue has been carefully vetted beforehand.

Shopping poses the same problems, and whilst there are now some funky new apps for smart phones that help, it’s still a daily discovery of new products you never knew you could eat. Some are what I call, ‘accidentally free-from’ which means they aren’t advertising the fact – they just are free-from whatever allergen. Others are just new and exciting gluten free and dairy free products.  I love discovering new and healthy cakes, biscuits, bread and eating establishments. Food should be a joy, so I love to share the new discoveries I’ve made with my readers.

But it’s not just food, it’s other allergies like latex, nickel, skin care products and drinks.  I write about things that excite me, bug me, new cafes, restaurants where I’ve had amazing service and not been made to feel like an alien with something smelly on my shoes.  You’ll also find hints and tips for planning holidays safely, cooking for someone with allergies, buying presents, fighting cold sores and many many other subjects.  My blog also provokes healthy debates with lots of comments from people all over the world.  You learn by experience and talking so let’s all keep sharing our discoveries.

Allergies may be on the rise, but so are the choices out there at restaurants, in shops and in the treatments available so keep smiling and don’t be frightened to speak out, ask for help, tell your friends and be proud to be different. Embrace your allergies! They keep you healthy for now, and one day we might find a cure. Who knows!  Stay prepared, always check labels and never eat anything if you’re not 100% sure it’s safe, oh and don’t forget your EpiPen!




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