Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me.  Have just about managed to get a grip on tweeting as some of you may know but have faith I will improve!

As you can see from my profile I have a son who has had eczema from just a few months old and is now 9 years old and still we have the odd flare ups, so believe me I understand how any family feels and how it affects you all.

When I look back I wonder how on earth we manage the journey from diagnosis, prescriptions, hospital visits etc, etc. as well as doing the everyday stuff like, washing, cleaning, shopping and being a working mum.  But credit to us all we do it, so pat on the back time to you all.

One of the most difficult things I found was keeping the eczema from becoming infected.  I used to sew gloves on to sleep suits and tops but after a short while a way was found to pull them off and have a good scratch, usually while I was driving or trying to load the washing machine.  I know too, that this is such a common problem and is so frustrating, especially when you think yes that will work why didn’t I think of that before and then you have to think again.

How come babies can be so clever!

I tried to find a way round this in so many ways I lost count and then my mum said to me, well you are a fashion designer surely you can come up with a solution.  Well given that sort of challenge I had to try again and came up with the concept of covered hands which could not escape yet be soft enough to enable play, which is how Snugglepaws developed.

So that is the journey I made and many will be able to identify with me, so would be interested to hear how you cope.

So let’s be positive, research is always on the move, children grow up and learn their own coping strategy and there is a lot of support which I have found out there,  and which I will be looking at next time.

For more on Snugglepaws visit http://www.snugglepaws.com/index.asp



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