Well – how did I get on over the weekend I hear you ask? Well, I had a lovely afternoon with a friend drinking …… EARL GREY tea! In the queue to order I had to stare at the muffins and cakes and I was so tempted to give in and go for a cake, never mind the latte! At the same time, that little voice in my head was screaming ‘latte – go on it’s only one, it won’t hurt’. But to my surprise, when I got to the front of the queue, the words Earl Grey came out of my mouth! I was so proud of myself. And I thoroughly enjoyed not one, but two pots of tea!

I think weekends are always tricky when trying to lose weight. Alcohol is my weekend demon – it harbours hidden calories …. and wine in particular is one of the worst offenders. So I switched to a couple of vodkas which I really enjoyed and didn’t feel like I was being too naughty.

So why do I want to lose weight? Well, I want to feel more comfortable in my clothes for starters. But more than that … as I work in the health industry I know how being over-weight can cause problems later in life. I’m no spring chicken and becoming more aware of issues such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease – more often than not associated with being over-weight – has made me stop and seriously think …. I don’t want to be one of the many millions who will become a burden to the NHS, society and potentially my children!

On that cheery note I’m off to eat my crisp-breads and banana …



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