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Just a quick update – stood on the scales this morning, 2 weeks into my healthier lifestyle, and I’ve lost another pound. That’s 5 pounds in total. Well done me!

I don’t actually feel like I’ve lost weight but the scales are definitely telling me I have …. usually when I’m trying to lose weight I feel like I’ve lost weight and then stand on the scales to find I actually haven’t. So, this is a new experience for me.

Perhaps my blog is working in other weird and wonderful ways … Who knows! All I know is that whatever I’m doing is working AND I’m not feeling hungry all the time which I normally feel if I’m ‘ON A DIET’ – which I’m not as you know. I’m just eating more healthily and as a result losing weight.

We have friends for dinner tomorrow night and I’m cooking from a well known diet club’s cook book to ensure I still eat healthily. And my guests will be eating healthily even though the won’t know it! I will have a drink as it’s what you do when you’re entertaining. But everything in moderation.

Anyway, have a fun filled weekend and I’ll be back to normal next week – kids back to school, proper work hours and back to blogging more regularly.




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  1. Glad you are losing weight. I tried everything in the past as only wanted to lose about 8 – 10lb. Doesn’t sound like a lot but I knew it was there. It took me a while but the good thing is I lost it and have managed to maintain the weight. Never been able to do this before. So keep on going its worth it, then you can have the odd chocolate bar.

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