Here is another poem I wrote a while ago about allergies and some of the frustrations I often feel.

“Have you really got an allergy?
It’s all in your mind!”
I don’t think they really
mean to be unkind

One lapse of diligence
is all it takes.
The lure of chocolate
biscuits and cakes.

My nose gets sneezy
If I eat any eggs
I feel a little wheezy
Itchy rash on arms and legs

If I eat any nuts
I get very queasy
My lips all swell up
So please don’t tease me

My eyes get sore
Too large for their sockets
The lids feel tight
Like stones in pockets

My skin looks burnt
It feels so tender
You might think I’d learnt
Not to go on a bender

To avoid all the nasties
I have grown to know
To abstein from the tasties
I see temptingly on show

I dream of a meal out
With no worries or fear
No questions, no doubt
Meat pie cooked in beer

But one thing I am proud of
and I’m happy to say
Even though I’m different
I embrace each new day

I love writing, as you may have already guessed, and I hope you like this silly little poem. I find writing about how I feel can really help me to feel a little calmer and in control. I suppose it’s kind of like keeping a diary, having a moan, letting it all out. Give it a go and see if it helps. I’d love to hear what you think of my poem too.


9 Responses to A poem about the frustrations of eczema, allergies and asthma

  1. Lisa

    I love this poem. More please!!

  2. Anaphylactic attacks are scary – may daughter’s had several.

    • It is shocking. It must be so much more scary for little children who don’t really know what’s happening to them. I’ve always had one when I’ve been alone, or once with work colleagues who were quite useless and put me to bed in a hotel, didn’t call doctors or anything… Unless you’ve seen someone having one you are never prepared. Happens very fast. Watch this space for another poem…

  3. They are very scary. The first time my daughter had one I did the same as your colleagues – put her to bed! It was only when she was sick that I realised something was up – then the difficulty breathing thing happened. I think awareness is the key – making sure people know the signs to look out for. Looking forward to another poem.

  4. Christopher Snell

    Loved the poem. Thank you for taking the time to post it 🙂

  5. This is a poem which I submitted for the love poem contest organized by Singapore’s Writer’s Festival and Timbre Music Academy; my poem didn’t get shortlisted but hey… I still love it.

    Till You Fall Asleep

    Every night
    I hold your hands
    Every night
    Sweet dreams I send
    Every night
    I’ll sing to you
    Every night
    I’ll pray for you
    For you to sleep

    But you can’t, you don’t
    You hardly fall asleep
    You scratch, you cry
    You barely can sleep

    Till you fall asleep
    I will say the same prayer
    Till you fall asleep
    I will sing the same songs
    Till you fall asleep
    I will hold your hands
    Till I fall asleep
    I will do all that I can

  6. Beautiful Marcie! Love it. It should have won! My poor father will associate with this one. He never forgot the say he actually smacked me for crying and scratching in the middle of the night and he was at his wits end, sleep deprived and exhausted from night time eczema. Lovely poem. Brougth a tear to my eye.

  7. Thanks Ruth for letting me know my poem touched you. Parents with eczema children deal with lots of guilt, so I can understand how your dad felt. I dozed off once for few seconds and woke up to see my baby’s face bloody from scratching. Felt really guilty then, but I know I’m the best mom for her and hope to inspire & lighten the hearts of all parents through my blog, xoxo

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