Hi I’m Lisa and this is my first blog for TalkHealth. I have very sensitive skin, particularly on my face. Certain facial creams cause aggravation resulting in areas of itchy, dry eczema which now has been diagnosed as Rosacea along with the eczema. I have spent a fortune over the years buying creams only to try them out and then reacting to them, which then go to the back of the bathroom cabinet or given to my mum (who can put anything on her skin!). My mum has done very well over the years from my purchases! Unfortunately my two daughters are now following in my footsteps and are also reacting to certain soaps and skin care products too.

In addition a closer family member was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2007 forcing the whole family to become more aware of the effects the sun can have on our skin and how chemotherapy and other cancer treatments as such a effect on your skin too. I have subsequently spent time investigating the sun screen market to not only provide the right protection, but won’t cause skin irritation along with moisturisers and other products for after and during cancer treatment.

Even my father-in-law suffers with psoriasis. Another family member and her children have always suffered with severe atopic eczema and I can remember growing up with her and watching how she suffered, covered in red, dry and sometimes weepy sores. So as you can tell I am and have been surrounded with skin issues for most of my life and so my passion to find, research and source products from throughout the world and come involved in Pure and Gentle Skincare was a natural thing to do. Hopefully from my experiences and from the team we now have supporting us, we can help others with their skin issues.

The skin is the biggest organ and will show you signs if something is wrong whether it is a rash from stress to dryness and itching of eczema, hopefully you will find my blogs interesting and helpful about skin issues and research I have found.

For more information and products have a look at our site: www.pureandgentle.com



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