I read an interesting article in the Daily Mail last week entitle “Lost weight then piled it all back on? Blame your hormones – not your willpower”.

A new study, undertaken in Australia, shows that hormones will insist a dieter is hungry, encouraging them to eat, for up to a year after losing weight. I was amazed to read this research, and if true, could explain why people are labelled yo-yo dieters!

The research concluded that avoiding weight regain appears to be a fundamentally different problem from losing weight in the first place, and that researchers should pay more attention to it.

I lost 2.5 stone in 2003 – and kept it off for about 12 months. Then gradually it all went back on. So, could it be down to my hormones? I guess it could be. But will knowing that hormones play a role in weight gain make me more aware and more determined to keep the weight off for the longer term? I think it will. Knowledge is power and will enable me to be in more control.

I guess for some people this research is the perfect excuse for why they can’t keep lost weight off – but then some people will always find an excuse.

Read more about this research by following this link

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