Still sticking to my healthy eating but the weight is slow to shift! I know if I could find the time to exercise it would come off quicker, but trying to find even half an hour a couple of times a week is proving tricky.

You may recall in previous blog posts that I had intended to exercise using the Wii. Well, despite promising myself I’d get set up on it I’ve failed miserably. I’m sure if I could just find the time to set it all up I would manage to use it a couple of times each week. So, I’ve now added this task to my ‘to do’ list for the weekend.

Anyone out there who is trying, or has tried, to lose weight will know just how hard it really is. Often we know what we need to do but the bit that makes the difference is actually putting into practise what we know.

Weigh in tomorrow so let’s see.



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