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that it goes to your head AND interferes with a weight loss regime!!

It’s not been a good week to be honest. As you know, I had a dinner party last week and was determined to be good and stay off alcohol. Sadly I didn’t manage that ….. I do like a few bubbles and I did have a few too many. And I’ve paid the price. I stood on the scales this morning and I weigh exactly the same as I did last week. So total weight loss at the end of week 2 was 5 pounds and the total weight loss at the end of week 3 is still 5 pounds!!

I do like a little fizz in life

Moral of the story is …. stick to the new eating regime and don’t drink (well at least not excessively) and avoid those bubbles!

Have a good weekend – until next week




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One Response to The trouble with a bit too much fizz is ….

  1. Cathy Wheller

    I think you are doing really well. So long as the weight loss is consistent and gradual it is likely to stay off as I am sure you are aware.
    Treats every so often don’t do any harm and your case you didn’t put weight on, just didn’t lose any, so well done.
    Keep it up,
    not long until the festive season and we all eat one too many mince pies!

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