rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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So much going on at once!


Hey  guys 🙂 Good news! My blood tests were all clear, no diabetes!I’m gonna have to go back to the doctor though, just to see what these little ‘annoyances’ are, but other than that I’m good 🙂 My skin has … Continue reading


2012 is coming …..


Well, Christmas has come and gone and we are on the brink of a New Year. I must confess I have struggled this Christmas …. but the good news is that whilst I have STILL not lost any more weight … Continue reading


My first blog – vascular dementia


Hi – I’m Catriona and part of the talkhealth team……I’ve had Deborah on my case since we started getting serious about our talkhealth blog to share with you my experiences of having an elderly parent in the advanced stages of … Continue reading


Happy New Year! The Best Twenty Seconds


My favorite twenty seconds of all. The ten seconds just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. And the ten seconds right after that big ball drops. This is not ordinary time. These are not ordinary seconds. I find the rolling … Continue reading


Poem: I Need A Friend


This poem is inspired by my stay-at-home-mom experience taking care of Marcie, from the time her eczema started at two weeks old till her first birthday. SAHM faces greater stress, being relatively isolated and bearing the full burden of childcare … Continue reading


BREAKING NEWS! & a very nice Christmas :)


Hey guys! I have some (possibly) shocking news for you! But firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I had a great day, which included a delicious Paleo-friendly Christmas dinner! The contents of this meal is in the previous blog post 🙂 Anyway, on … Continue reading


Mental health of acne sufferers needs more consideration


New research by the University of Newcastle has suggested that the psychological welfare of acne patients should be given more consideration. Until now only those with clinically severe acne have been given priority but this study shows that the patients … Continue reading


Boosts For Tired Brains!


Let’s face it by the time Christma Day comes and you have been juggling lists, fighting crowds and trying to remember who has gone veggie since last year your poor old little grey cells are full to bursting. So let … Continue reading


Dealing with Blepharitis


Over the last few years I have suffered on and off with Blepharitis. Blepharitis is when the rims of the eyelids become inflamed. This can make your eyes red, irritated and itchy. Dandruff-like crusts can appear on your eyelashes. It … Continue reading


An On-line Chat with Mrs. Claus



I couldn’t believe my luck when I received word that Mrs. Claus was willing to do an on-line chat with me.  (I had emailed the North Pole and inquired.)  So here is my brief but insightful conversation with Santa’s wife: … Continue reading


Allergy hazards at Christmas


Xmass Tree

Christmas Tree Allergy We’ve been warning AllergyBestBuys customers to the allergy problems posed by indoor Christmas trees for years. Now scientists confirm that the traditional fir or spruce, left in a warm room, releases mould spores that can trigger watery … Continue reading


Lips Fingers Knees & Toes ……Knees & Toes…


It’s almost Christmas and the tree is up, the lights are twinkling and bright and all I am wishing for is that my little girl will be well enough to unwrap her pressies. Christmas is such a special time and … Continue reading


The Magic, Guilt-free Holiday Wand


Holiday advice articles and blogs beg us to say no, to take on less, and to use shortcuts at holiday time.  Why then, do you feel so guilty when you do? Maybe it’s because you don’t have your own Magic Guilt-free … Continue reading


Seaweed bath could help your skin


Having a seaweed bath could do wonders for your skin including relieving the symptoms of psoriasis. Seaweed has antiseptic, skin soothing properties which make it a popular natural treatment for temporary relief from itchy or painful skin conditions. It is believed that … Continue reading


Are you allergic to Christmas?


Christmas may be a time for goodwill to all men…but it can also be a time of red noses, sore throats, coughs and sneezes! And for many people, the unwitting cause of their symptoms could be Christmas itself. Studies have … Continue reading


Can You Prepare to be a Mom of an Eczema Child?


As I’ve shared in my first post, my husband and I are seriously thinking of stopping at one child because we don’t think we can go through the trials of taking care of a severe eczema baby the second time. … Continue reading


Attack of the Venom Hormones


I had a fab time taking photos at the North Carolina State Fair this year.   Every new sight was a blog post possibility! But it was husband Cliff who first spotted Spider Girl.  “Take her!  You’ve got to take … Continue reading


Some recipes for you!


Hey guys 🙂 This post is going to be dedicated to giving you a few of my recipes of meals that I eat on a regular basis, and are so so so delicious! The first recipe is banana pancakes! I’m … Continue reading


Calmer babies have fewer allergies


Research from a Swedish medical university has found that babies who experience less stressful situations have fewer allergies as children. Although the risk factors causing stress for infants is inconclusive it is thought that even a short separation from the … Continue reading


Thoughts are Things


Everything starts with a thought or energy, if you will. What you eat drink or do starts with a thought. (your thoughts about food/drink are the first stage of digestion, this goes on to enrich or infect, your whole mind body and spirit) … Continue reading


It’s that magic number …. well nearly


This week my colleague drew my attention to some research she’d read about that had been conducted at the University Hospital in South Manchester. I was intrigued because it seemed to conclude that cutting carbs for two days is better … Continue reading



Hey guys, AGAIN, I am so sorry for the delay between posts! I swear I’m not slacking it’s just that my life has been so hectic now, and when I do have the little breaks from the stress I get … Continue reading


Healing Herbs – Why Your Mother – And Grandmother – Were Right


I know it’s a terrible thing to realize isn’t it, but apart from reaching the age when I hear myself bemoaning the lack of manners in the young (no, really) it is good to have those old natural remedies vindicated. … Continue reading


23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?


A Doctor-Professor answers the old question “What is the single best thing we can do for our health” in a completely new way. Dr Mike Evans explains …. Dr Evans is founder of the Health Design Lab at the Li … Continue reading


One of those weeks!


Hi everyone I’m getting later and later with doing my blog but at this time of year it’s a nightmare trying to fit everything in, as I’m sure you will agree. This afternoon is my  daughter’s nativity play, the first … Continue reading


Silent Night; Itchy Night


Argh! That is the sound that comes out of my mouth at pretty regular intervals as I sit at my desk trying to ignore the itching on my scalp, ears, back, legs and sides. It feels as if little imps … Continue reading


What are you putting in your mouth this Christmas?


We’ve all heard the saying “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” haven’t we? So why not take heed this Christmas and burn off those calories as quick as we pile them on? It really is easy to … Continue reading


Heart news and Information


One of the most popular discussions in the Health and Fitness world is how to keep your Heart Healthy.  What ever the latest news is, it is always good to exercise to help your heart stay in tip top shape. Here … Continue reading


Eczema and Immunology – The Sleeping Secret …..


Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last blog and much has happened in the household of the girls of 82! As you are all aware my little angel Issi-May who suffers very badly with her eczema on … Continue reading


The Red Sea (Yes, That one)


If you are squeamish or a man or so far beyond periods that you think they really are the dot at the end of a sentence, skip this post. But I wanted to say a word about the Red Sea … Continue reading


5 Causes of dry winter skin


The cold winter months are the time of year when we are all more prone to dry skin thanks to a combination of environmental and lifestyle factors. Of course your natural skin type will play a part in determining just … Continue reading


Skin Self Examination – why are they so important!


Skin Self Examinations are so important with 200 new cases of skin cancer being diagonised in the UK every day. My family was one of them 4 years ago. Both my husband and myself have a number of moles, I’m very … Continue reading


Over 40% of Cancers through Lifestyle Choices try something new Today


Today the BBC reported on Cancer UKs latest news that over 40% of cancers are through neglect of positive lifestyle choices, Smoking, Alcohol, Lack of Exercise and lack of Nutrition. Making simple lifestyle choices using the opportunities that day to day life presents us with, as in my previous … Continue reading


Life is motion, so move!


Exercise is often an afterthought in today’s modern, upbeat, stressed society. The stress of work, family, children and more in this never slowing world of technology, is often the reason for people to excuse exercising. Being aware of the many … Continue reading


Help required …


Well I think I’ve officially lost my way with my diet!!! I’ve still kept off those 5 pounds but not lost any more. I know I need to exercise but finding the time’s a problem. I long for a break … Continue reading


Question to Ask before Marriage – ‘Do You Have Eczema?’


Would knowing your future spouse has eczema change your decision to marry him/her? I knew my husband and his family have eczema (I’ve even drawn up an eczema family tree) but I didn’t know how tough it’d be to take … Continue reading


The Ultimate allergy-free Christmas Cake


Hello again. Saturday saw me up to the elbows in cake mixture and the whole house filled with the warm spicy aroma of Christmas. Shop-bought cakes are never as good as those you bake yourself at home and today it’s … Continue reading


Seaweed helps clear acne


Scientists have found that there is a particular type of seaweed that could help clear acne. The plant is harvested in ecological conditions off the coast of Brittany. It is very rich in minerals, specifically potassium, sodium, magnesium and iodine. … Continue reading


Little known stroke signs


There are 2 little known signs that could help detect a stroke. Already reasonably well known signs are facial weakness, arm weakness and speech problems. Scientists have now discovered that leg weakness and loss of vision could also signal a … Continue reading


Skin cancer compensation soars in Australia


The amount of compensation employers in Australia are paying out to workers in skin cancer claims has doubled in less than a decade. Workers are eligible for compensation for sun related injury or disease because employers have a duty of … Continue reading


Cancer causing debt for families


A recent survey by a cancer charity has revealed that two thirds of parents of children with cancer say they have had to borrow money to live. This is primarily because 2 out of 3 parents experienced a loss of … Continue reading


Plans for NHS partnerships


David Cameron is expected to announce plans for the NHS to be opened up to private healthcare firms to give patients faster access to new treatments. However a part of this partnership would include sharing confidential patient data. This has … Continue reading


Liver disease epidemic


North-East England has seen a rise in alcoholic liver disease among those in their early 30s. Hospital admissions for this have risen by 400% in the last 8 years. This compares to the national rise of 61%. There is a … Continue reading


Online clinic on prostate disease now closed


Talkhealth and NHS Choices closed the clinic on prostate disease last night. The clinic, sponsored by AXA PPP healthcare and ProstaBrit was a huge success. Experts including Mr Christopher Eden, Mr Omer Karim, Dr Jon Rees and Mr Declan Cahill … Continue reading


I want a mince pie!


It’s that time of year again. Do you know what the best thing about Christmas is for me? Starbucks. I know. That’s pretty sad isn’t it? You see, at this time of year, Starbucks bring out two things that I … Continue reading


Adult acne on the rise


A new study by dermatologists has revealed that 1 in 5 women over the age of 25 are developing acne even if they didn’t suffer as a teenager. Many believe that it is due to the increasing stress that women … Continue reading


Surgeons resign over dangerous situation for patients


5 surgeons have resigned from a London hospital over dangerous situations that patients are put in. It was reported that non urgent operations are often cancelled because of a shortage of plastic surgeons, anaesthetists, beds and equipment. Not being operated … Continue reading


Make up routine to cover acne


A 19 year old from California has produced a spots and all video to illustrate how she uses make up to cover her severe acne. Cassandra shows before and after shots of her acne and then shows how to achieve the … Continue reading


NHS strike affects thousands


Non urgent operations were cancelled yesterday during the biggest strike to hit the UK in more than 20 years. It is estimated that around 7000 operations out of 30,000 were cancelled as well as thousands of tests and appointments. Those … Continue reading


All of the lights!


It’s well known that psoriasis can develop or be exacerbated at times of stress. When I was 17 I was studying for my A Levels like many teenagers. For most this is a very stressful time and I was no … Continue reading


Mum to be? Watch out for high street coffee!


Pregnant women, liver disease sufferers and children could be at risk from drinking coffee from some high street coffee shops. An analysis of espresso’s in 20 coffee shops found that the amount of caffeine varied greatly between shops. The strongest coffee … Continue reading