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Well, Christmas has come and gone and we are on the brink of a New Year.

I must confess I have struggled this Christmas …. but the good news is that whilst I have STILL not lost any more weight I have not put any on either! I am relieved!!

So, I’ve been pondering on what I can do to speed things up and get on the right track in 2012. Firstly, as a family of 4, we are going to start playing badminton on a Sunday night at our local community centre. I know I need to exercise more than this to lose weight, but it’s a start and I can build on that. Secondly, at talkhealth we’re about to launch our talkweight forums. I plan to be in there when they open and hope I can find support and support others on the quest to lose more weight and get healthy in 2012. And thirdly, I plan to cut out alcohol. But, until then I will enjoy a couple of glasses of bubbly at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and let’s all knuckle down and shed those pounds in 2012!!

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Hi - I am Deborah, Founding Director and part of the talkhealth team. My blog is generally focused around my own personal story about weight loss, running, exercise and generally trying to get and stay fit, as well as what's been in the news that's topical. Any views expressed are my own.

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