Well I think I’ve officially lost my way with my diet!!! I’ve still kept off those 5 pounds but not lost any more.

I know I need to exercise but finding the time’s a problem. I long for a break at Christmas where I will have the time to go for a few walks and feel the fresh air on my face.

I could do with some pearls of wisdom if any one has any! Just something to get me re-motivated!



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  1. Mark Mark


    have a look at the food labels and reduce your carbohydrate intake. Anymore than 25 grams per meal is to much. When you eat a complete meal always eat your protein first before the carbohydrate foods. e.g with a roast dinner eat your raost meat before the vegetables.

    look for the alkaline foods as this will help you keep a ph balanced enironment in your body which will help.

    the shopping list for alkaline foods is in the link below.


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