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CHEK Holstic Lifestyle Coach Level 1. Pilates Instructor

Exercise is often an afterthought in today’s modern, upbeat, stressed society. The stress of work, family, children and more in this never slowing world of technology, is often the reason for people to excuse exercising. Being aware of the many benefits that exercise has to offer, both for your mind and body means exercising should easily become a part of life, rather than a separate section that is fitted in occasionally or reluctantly.

Health clubs usually see a new gym membership visits reducing after just 3 months of the person starting. 3 visits per week with each session lasting approximately an hour equates to 36 hours of exercise before interest starts to leek away! Have you ever started a diet or exercise plan and found it vanished after 3 months?

The first idea that I ask you to consider is not to “take exercise” like it’s a pill, medicine or magic spell, but to embrace exercise in everything you do. Work, family, children, shopping, house work, socialising, I like to use the phrase “life is motion, so move”.

  • Exercise at work by using the stairs every time instead of the lifts, take a 30 minute walk around the block for lunch.
  • Exercise with family by walking pets together and sharing gardening chores.
  • Exercise with children, simple games such as 20 star jumps guarantees them a bed time story, or gets them to school on the scooter.
  • Exercise when shopping, choose the car park space furthest away from the supermarket door, use stairs in multi storey car parks.
  • Exercise with House work, by just doing more…
  • Exercise Socialising, by dancing, bowling, playing golf or arrange walks for charity, look out for your local community events.

We are all highly complex organic apparatus, and with that comes a few “must do’s” from mother nature, only then can we operate at our peak performance and fully reach our full potential.




A CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Pilates Instructor, Vivo Barefoot Run Coach, Stages Cycling Coach, Versatile Experienced Group Exercise Instructor. With decades of experience in the fitness industry, working in a variety of exclusive health clubs and high end spas in a number of roles, from management to self employed. I look to use all my experience to help you Make Real Health Your Reality. Offering Online and Mobile Services, Consultations, Fitness Testing and 121 Coaching and Classes. To Make Real Health Your Reality Please feel free to contact me. Email: Tel: 07947 280 146

3 Responses to Life is motion, so move!

  1. I think, if you read my latest blog post, that this is a pearl of wisdom and the kick up the backside I need to get me motivated again. Thank you Mark – I will be parking further away from the shops this week and making sure I take a few extra trips of the stairs.

  2. Mark Mark

    Today ive been mostly DIYing which is a good form of exercise…. so dont dilly dally on the way, dont delay get your DIY done today!

    Im up early for a morning run tomorrow, followed by more DIYing.

    I know you are capable of more than a few stairs Deb…

    Lets go Mason, 20 star jumps, 10 burpeez and 5 press ups, 5 sit ups… go go go! and you Katrina!

  3. Well that’s told me! I will do as you have said and report back tomorrow boss!

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