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New research by the University of Newcastle has suggested that the psychological welfare of acne patients should be given more consideration.

Until now only those with clinically severe acne have been given priority but this study shows that the patients own assessment of their condition is drastically different to that of a clinical expert.

Researchers concluded that acne specialists should better understand the psychological impact the condition has on many patients and not base it on severity.

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2 Responses to Mental health of acne sufferers needs more consideration

  1. lesley shields

    hi there
    I’m working on a documentary on how skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema can lead to depression and would like to talk to some sufferers about their experiences. Please call Lesley on 0141 353 8429.

  2. Charles Kevin

    The author got the point. I agree with her. I am directly experienced with this. I know disease like acne can strongly affect mental confidence. If you want to avoid such discomfort, my advice will certainly work. When I had similar problem, I got rid of the problem by virtue of reading the article

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