Talkhealth and NHS Choices closed the clinic on prostate disease last night. The clinic, sponsored by AXA PPP healthcare and ProstaBrit was a huge success.

Experts including Mr Christopher Eden, Mr Omer Karim, Dr Jon Rees and Mr Declan Cahill answered a variety of questions regarding prostate disease and we are very grateful for all their efforts.

Questions asked include “my partner was diagnosed on 11 October and the information we received was that his cancer is classed as ‘high grade agressive’, PSA was 6.9 and Gleason was 9 (4+5) and tumour present in 5 out of 6 cores and mainly in one side (left)

On Friday he was given the information that the treatments he has to choose from are RT and Surgery or RT and Hormone Treatment. (He’s had a bone scan which was thankfully clear and MRI which showed T3 and confined to capsule.) We have an appointment on Friday with the hospital to discuss these options but would really appreciate any comments or advice anyone may have. Until he was told the treatments recommended, he was happy to go down the surgery route but didn’t realise it would also need the RT. He’s been told both these options will have the same outcome.

We’ve read stuff on other forums regarding various treatments and it seems to me that hormone treatment is a long long road, feeling really awful with body itching, tenderness in the nipples, panic attacks and a general feeling of depression. I know the operation is much more radical but if they do have the same outcome, isn’t it better to go down that route?”

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