Today the BBC reported on Cancer UKs latest news that over 40% of cancers are through neglect of positive lifestyle choices, Smoking, Alcohol, Lack of Exercise and lack of Nutrition.

Making simple lifestyle choices using the opportunities that day to day life presents us with, as in my previous blog, really can make a difference to both your short term and long term health.

Eating clean, natural, locally grown whole foods, drinking good quality water with more activity in your day,  really will improve your energy making you feel more positive and this will only have good effects on your overall health.

Why not add into your foods today, Spirulina, Sprouts or Spinach.

Exericse today with 5 lots of stairs, and afternoon walk and some gentle Stretching before bed




Mark Westbrook. Advanced Personal Trainer / Freelance Instructor. Mark has accumulated over 19 years experience in the fitness industry, working in a variety of exclusive health clubs and high end spas in a number of roles, including supervisory, management and self employed. Personal Training experience includes Training both Physically and Mentally challenged clients, Doctors, Producers, Directors, Celebrities as well as Elderly and Sports Teams, Men and Women. Qualifications include: Premier Fitness Diploma is Personal Training with GP Referral. A Vivo Barefoot Running Coach, Circuit Training, Alan Herdman Pilates, Speedo Aqua Aerobics, NSCR Indoor studio cycling, Stages Indoor cycling, Boxercise and enjoys the use of his Exercise to Music qualification also. A member of the Register of Exercise Professionals REPS as an Advanced Level 3 Personal Trainer (Ref. R0068889) CIMSPA registered Practitioner. Mark works locally in the Hampshire area offering his mobile and online services that includes Fitness Consultations, Fitness Testing, Personal Training, Classes and Online Workout Solutions. Email: Mark.westbrook@yahoo.co.uk Tel: 07947 280 146 https://m.facebook.com/MarkWestbrookPeakPersonalFitness/ A keen AG triathlete, runner and over all health geek mark looks to Educate, Motivate and Facilitate Positive Change so you too can enjoy health and vitality.

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