rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.


Having a seaweed bath could do wonders for your skin including relieving the symptoms of psoriasis.

Seaweed has antiseptic, skin soothing properties which make it a popular natural treatment for temporary relief from itchy or painful skin conditions.

It is believed that seaweed also has anti-ageing qualities and may reduce cellulite making skin feel softer and smoother following a seaweed bath.

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3 Responses to Seaweed bath could help your skin

  1. addilyn

    I am almost 40 and always trying to find ways to fight cellulite and aging!Been using dermalmd cellulite serum almost one month and I have noticed the difference and this really works! I definitely will be ordering more.

  2. marthali

    Dermalmd makes the skin perfect and clears cellulite.

  3. Justin Henry

    Hi I have epilepsy and ms. I’m doing well on both and would like to know if seaweed baths would affect me. Any news would help. Thanks

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