rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Winter Sun Can Be Damaging


Most people don’t need to think twice about liberally applying a sunscreen during the summer or when holidaying abroad, although when the bitterly cold long winter sets in, applying sunscreen is the last thing on many a mind. The thing … Continue reading


Weight linked with acne in teenage girls – what’s the connection?


A study has just come out of Oslo that appears to show that overweight teenage girls have an above average chance of getting acne. Although there is no suggestion that weight gain directly causes acne, the statistics do show that … Continue reading


Top 10 Mistakes I Made


After writing the post ‘Can You Prepare to be a Mom of an Eczema Child’, it got me thinking how I can do better with hindsight. While I can’t re-write history, I want to list down the mistakes I made … Continue reading


Waiting sucks!


Hey guys So basically this is what has happened: My skin was not getting any better from the last time I blogged, and the itching at night was becoming unbearable and because I was scratching my skin was unable to … Continue reading


Does makeup really cover up spots and disguise eczema no matter how thick you apply it?


When I was a teenager I was one of those unfortunate people who suffered with both acne and eczema. My spots were fairly mild and the eczema was mainly round my mouth. My eczema always flared up with stress and … Continue reading


British Nutrition Foundation Confirms There Is No Evidence That Sliced Bread Bloats Us


Despite a distinct lack of scientific proof, the start of the 21st century has seen a continuation of the claim that sliced supermarket bread made by the Chorleywood Bread Process (CBP)** causes bloating. A new report published by the British Nutrition Foundation in … Continue reading


Online clinic on thyroid disorders


talkhealth and NHS Choices in association with the British Thyroid Foundation and Sense about Science and sponsored by ThyroScreen have today opened an Online Clinic on Thyroid Disorders. A range of experts will be on hand throughout the week until … Continue reading


A Menopause Tip Across the Ages! Well, Maybe


  I love blogging and thinking about blog posts.  I’m sure I bring up Friend for the Ride much too much, although husband Cliff has been quite tolerant. So  in December, when we went to the Rembrandt in America exhibit at the … Continue reading


Should allergens be banned from a household with an allergic member?


I came across an article from an recent Sunday Telegraph headlined ‘Food fight over allergy ban’ which investigated, once again, the extremely knotty problem of whether or not you should allow allergens into a household with an allergic member.  There are … Continue reading


Not going too well …..


The weight loss is not going well. I’m at a standstill. I have a virus ….. and it’s making me feel exhausted and so I want to eat. I guess it’s no wonder I’m not losing any more weight. Doc … Continue reading


Thoughts on Eczema


Hi everyone Its blogging time again to which I must admit to putting aside, as I get on with all the other things that go with looking after the flare ups of eczema, running a home, business, writing an essay … Continue reading


Maggie – A lifetime defined by dementia – I don’t think so….


I have been looking forward to seeing the film ‘The Iron Lady’ due to all the hype and in particular to see how the aspect of dementia has been depicted, so Sunday afternoon saw my daughter who is 19 and … Continue reading


Breast Is Best For Baby – Unless You Are A Drug Company


There are some things you just take so for granted: like breathing regularly is good for your health and breast milk is best for babies. Well not, if you live in the USA it isn’t as researchers from the US … Continue reading


How ADHD Was Turned Into A Crime


ADHD is a much wider condition than most people are aware of and responses to it do vary. There is the highly positive side that sees its ability to think outside the box and be highly creative as a great … Continue reading


Britain’s Burning – 92% of visitors to skin cancer roadshow say they have been sunburnt


Survey results released today from the Mole & Sun Advice Roadshow, organised by the British Association of Dermatologists and supported by La Roche-Posay, reveal that 92 per cent of those asked said they had experienced sunburn, and many had been … Continue reading


Alkaline – Stay Phit on the inside out.


So we are now well into January 2012… Christmas, chocolates, fizzy drinks, cakes and desserts are no longer for many people as they head towards a new years promise of weight loss and being healthier. On the Subject of health … Continue reading


Choosing Childcare for Your Child (Part 2 of 2)


This post continues to explore childcare alternatives for your child and in greater details, how pre-schooling has turned out for my baby. For a mom with eczema child, sending your child to a preschool may be fraught with anxiety and … Continue reading


No holds Barred – no more inhibitions…..


 My mother has always been a relatively forth right person and freely spoken her mind.  When realising that perhaps she might have over stepped the mark in voicing such opinions and causing offence she would quickly make light of the … Continue reading


NHS To Get £100m Cash Injection To Improve Services


Patients across the country will benefit as the NHS receives a cash injection of up to £100 million to boost services in their communities, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced today. The Department of Health is providing up to £100 million … Continue reading


Obesity and knee replacements


Researchers believe that the rising number of knee replacements in the younger generation (the 50 somethings) is in part due to the rise in obesity. This is interesting for me as, whilst I am not classed as obese but over-weight, … Continue reading


Menopausal Spinning


  Spinning! There’s the good kind. The Tilt-a-whirl, if you’re a ride person like me. The salad spinner my daughter Kath swears by. The cycling class my daughter Laura loves. Then there’s the bad sort of spinning. The car that … Continue reading


Going for a song


My mother has always been quite sensible and philosophical about getting old which makes live much easier.  One thing that she was happy to do at quite an early stage was to sign power of attorney to myself and one … Continue reading


Your A to Z of nasties in the chemical world


Skin allergies are often triggered by the use of chemicals on the skin and in the home and workplace. Around 6 million Brits,  that is 1 in 5 children and another 1 in 10 adults,  all suffer from Eczema. Why … Continue reading


Call the Midwife


A series of books written by former AAA patron, Jennifer Worth, have been transformed for the small screen. Call the midwife begins on Sunday 15 January at 8pm on BBC1. As an eczema, asthma and allergy suffer Jennifer decided to … Continue reading


Am I allergic to alcohol?


My friend Janey has just rung me in a right old state. She had a terrible Christmas and an even worse New Year’s Eve! Apparently every time she had a glass of anything alcoholic her eyelids swelled and itched, went … Continue reading


Choosing Childcare for Your Child (Part 1 of 2)


For a mom of eczema child, probably one of the toughest decisions is whether to entrust others to take care of your child. Will another caregiver remember to moisturize? Will he/she decide to try out his/her own eczema cure? Will … Continue reading


Is losing weight because of a blog?


Interesting question …. At the weekend I reached a weight loss milestone! I’m under that stone mark which has made me feel great! Still a long way to go but it’s the first time I’ve been under that particular stone … Continue reading


Does it hurt?


Some surprising causes of inflammation It would seem quite sensible to assume that children who are emotionally literate and stable stand a better chance of emerging into the adult world with all their emotional ducks (so to speak) in a … Continue reading


Ditch the Old Model? A Question to Consider


A few months ago, Cliff said, “I have something for you to consider.” That line always makes me nervous.  And although the question ended up being a generous one, it did reach deep into the OH NO WHAT SHOULD I … Continue reading


It’s all in the Noodles


I should have realised something wasn’t quite right when every meal my mother served contained Noodles.  From being a very conservative cook – ie meat and two veg, it was a real surprise when my children came home from staying … Continue reading


Researchers Leave Out Important – And Damaging – Facts


I am always suspicious of clinical trials – I want to know who has funded them for a start as that will tend to influence the outcome.  It is a given of scientific theory that if you start out with … Continue reading


Hospital visits are no fun. At all!


Hey guys 🙂 Long story short, my little flare up got a bit worse, I kepy scratching it in the night & it ended up getting infected. But no worries! I had a little emergency visit to the hospital today … Continue reading


Memory loss begins at 45


Researchers have found that memory loss, as well as other brain skills, begins to decline at 45 which is much earlier than previously thought. According to the researchers involved in this study diseases such as dementia are thought to take … Continue reading


Antidepressants could help reduce hot flushes


New research funded by the charity Wellbeing of Women has found that antidepressants could help reduce hot flushes by influencing how blood vessels expand and contract in women experiencing symptoms. In the trial 60% of women taking the antidepressant, Effexor … Continue reading


Menopausal Milkshakes


Thinking yourself slim? Oh yes please! It’s bad enough navigating the murky waters of the menopause, managing erratic cycles and coasting through emotional minefields, but gaining weight whilst doing so is not a menopausal symptom we relish. It hardly seems … Continue reading


It’s all in the mind


Since we launched our new talkweight forum and weight is in the forefront of my mind, we’ve been having some interesting discussions in the office about being overweight, obesity and will power. The TV also seems to be full of … Continue reading


2012 here we come


Hi everyone Happy New Year to you all, hope its a healthy one and that the Eczema improves. Well Christmas has now been and gone, did I really run around the supermarket trying not to forget everything with a trolley laden, … Continue reading


Trendy diets don’t work according to new study


How many of you have made a New Years resolution to lose weight? If you are planning on following a trendy diet such as the Dukan or Atkins diet be prepared that they are unlikely to last more than 15 … Continue reading


Friendly bacteria can help your acne


New research suggests that friendly bacteria may not just be beneficial for the digestive system but also for your skin. It is believed that good bacteria can help plump and smooth the skin whilst re-hydrating it therefore helping improve the appearance … Continue reading


The NOT Silent Treatment


Here’s a joke sent our way by a high school friend: A husband and a wife have just had a heated argument.  They are giving one another the silent treatment. The husband does not want to blow his cool and … Continue reading


Chance to win £50 M&S vouchers for completing a weight survey


2012 brings with it New Year’s Resolutions and, as you will know if you read my Blog, mine is to lose weight. I know I’m not alone as wanting to lose weight is on lots of your minds …. so … Continue reading


The Skin I Live In


“Is that a birth mark?” This was the comment made to me by the slightly intimidating man who had just asked for the time while I walked towards my local shopping area. I realised his interest in the time was … Continue reading


New research gives hope to infertile men


New research conducted by German and Israeli scientists has discovered the potential for infertile men to be able to father their own children by extracting germ cells from the testicles and growing sperm in a dish. So far tests have only … Continue reading


How do you cope with Rosacea at Work?


The National Rosacea Society (NRS) recently highlighted the possible negative effects of rosacea in the workplace and on careers. As well any physical symptoms such as facial burning, blurred vision and debilitating flushing, the secondary worries about what others will … Continue reading


As a nation are we in denial about our weight?


I read, with interest, an article in the Mail Online today about the increasing size of our nation entitled One in four Britons are obese but most of them are in denial. The study was carried out by Slimming World … Continue reading