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talkhealth and NHS Choices in association with the British Thyroid Foundation and Sense about Science and sponsored by ThyroScreen have today opened an Online Clinic on Thyroid Disorders.

A range of experts will be on hand throughout the week until Tuesday 31 January to answer your questions about thyroid disorders and treatments or to help you with advice or understanding your condition.

To post your question for the experts visit the clinic. If you are not yet a member of talkhealth it is quick, easy and free and you can join here. Once you are a member you can start communicating with the experts immediately.



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5 Responses to Online clinic on thyroid disorders

  1. Hello, would you please advise, I havent been diagnosed, but I feel I have many thyroid realted issues, such as thyroid mulitinodulat goitre, thyrogobulin antibodies and a diagnoses of fybromyalgia and other related disorders, for example irratable bowl. I have seen many medical experts, heart gastro, E N T, Gyni, but no conclusion as my T S H is just above normal.

    However I am currently struggling with stabbing pains in my thighs abnormaly cold, excruciating neck pain on the left side which radiates to my shoulder and up behind my ear,and weired heart palpations. I have had a E G G which showed abnormal heart rythm and small amount of flued was found, no futher testing. I am totally fed up so to speak, going to the G.P and being sent for more test to only return normal. I have decided to remain in pain with so many intermittant smptons, as I feel with respect to my G.P that I am labelled, when no other cause can be attributed to my issues, a suggesstion was for me to see a Phychiatrist, but I am not depressed just concerned and frustrated. What would you please advise ? My blood test was obtained privetly, these have been logged at the hospital at the E N T deparment and still no answer. I really do not now which route to go, private or G.P. Futhermore I can not let my health deteriorate as a am a deternimed lady despite my difficulies and pain.

    Thank you
    any information would greatly be appreciated.

  2. Hi Deborah,

    The experts are currently in the clinic answering questions so if you could post your question there they can respond. The link is

    Many thanks

  3. Mark

    I would like to know your thoughts on mercury and the effect this has on thyroid function

  4. Cara_Voller

    Hi Mark best thing is to go into the clinic and ask as that is where the experts are answering questions.

    The link is in the blog post.

    Many thanks


  5. Cecilia

    I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a link between thyroid disorders and hypermobility syndrome (EDS III). I was diagnosed hypothyroid 4 years ago with a TSH of 178.15 (.3-5.6) T4 7 (12-21) but my GP said that I had no anti bodies. Is it possible that the collagen in my thyroid is causing me to be hypothyroid rather than autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto’s. I have noticed that a lot of the people on the HMS site have thyroid problems.

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