A study has just come out of Oslo that appears to show that overweight teenage girls have an above average chance of getting acne.

Although there is no suggestion that weight gain directly causes acne, the statistics do show that the incidence of acne in overweight girls is 19% compared to 13% of girls within the ideal weight range.

The following are some of the possible connections that the scientists have put forward:

1)      Insulin resistance

2)      High blood pressure

3)      Hormonal changes

Interestingly, the results were not the same for teenage boys.  The boys had a 14% chance of acne, no matter which weight bracket they belonged to.

This suggests that the difference seen in girls might be the result of a female-only condition like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).  Although relatively little is known about PCOS, it is characterised by high levels of male hormones and amongst other symptoms, sufferers may experience weight gain and acne.

It is thought that as many as 10% of women could suffer from PCOS, although the reasons behind it are not at all clear.

Although there is no known cure for PCOS, a healthy lifestyle has been seen to lead to improvements in acne and other symptoms.

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One Response to Weight linked with acne in teenage girls – what’s the connection?

  1. Alannah O'Bryan

    Based on my experience, I’ve had a hormonal imbalance when I was a teenager. I gained weight really fast and I had acne all over my face. So my doctor prescribed me a pill to cure it. Together with it, I have to eat healthy or should I say having a proper diet and exercise.

    After undergoing that stage, my skin cleared and I’m acne free. I continued my diet and regular exercise not only to prevent acne but also to keep me fit and healthy.

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