rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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The 2012 FreeFrom Food Awards shortlist is out!!


From coconut yogurt to nettle ‘beer’! After an intense two weeks of tasting and assessment the FreeFrom Food Awards judging panels have chosen just under 170 freefrom foods to go on the 2012 shortlist – see below for the full … Continue reading


Paper Plate Menopause Lady: A Craft Project


Phew!  My friend Lisa Flinn and I just turned in a manuscript to Abingdon Press for a book of children’s programs: crafts,song, stories, games, explanations, snacks, prayers.  I’m beat, but not too beat to write up one more craft, a … Continue reading


Major Causes Of Acne


There are three leading factors that can result in acne: – Producing abnormal amounts of oil or sebum; – Unbalanced way of shedding dead skin cells; – Buildup of the bacteria. Acne starts to develop when hair follicles become blocked by … Continue reading


The inevitable….


Having had my mother diagnosed with dementia – you wonder what comes next…..she seems almost fine and as I’ve said before sounds almost the same and dresses almost the same – but clearly the key is in the word ‘almost’.  … Continue reading


Is your life affected by acne, eczema or psoriasis?


IWC Media make intelligent and thoughtful documentaries including Terry Pratchett: Living with Alzheimer’s and The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive with Stephen Fry, as well as blue chip science programmes such as Brave New World and Stephen Hawking – … Continue reading


Weight loss app & exercise


Well, since I started using a little app on my mobile I’m now able to track my food intake, weight and exercise (if I was doing any!). The app has all the well known UK brands and all supermarket brands … Continue reading


GPs To ‘Prescribe’ Apps For Patients


Best health apps and ideas to revolutionise NHS for patients People could soon be directed to free or cheap apps by their GPs to allow them to monitor and manage their health more effectively. The latest innovations in smartphone technology … Continue reading


My Non-complaining Socks and Me


A few years ago, I decided for Lent, to give up complaining. WOW! Talk about an eye opener.  I bit my tongue many times over those forty-some days.  What happened though, was a small miracle.  I found myself, toward the … Continue reading


Online Clinic on Food Allergies


talkhealth in partnership with NHS Choices, Action Against Allergy and Allergy Academy have today launched an Online Clinic on Food Allergies. Clinical experts from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital including Dr Adam Fox, Dr Helen Brough, Dr Rubaiyat Haque and … Continue reading


Egg-less, non-dairy, gluten-free Pancake recipe. Yay!


Hello again, If you’ve tried making a half-decent pancake without eggs or milk and given up in disgust I can understand why. I’ve had several attempts at making pancake batter without these ingredients and failed miserably. But now, I think … Continue reading


Is advertising to blame for childhood obesity?


Obesity in the UK is rising – and more children than ever before are now obese. It’s all very worrying. There are a deluge of programmes on TV about being overweight and obese from A Year to Save My Life … Continue reading


Diet Drinks and Weight Loss


Apparently new research to be published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that if you will only swop your ‘normal’ drinks for the ‘sugar-free’ version you can lose up to 5 per cent of your body weight in just … Continue reading


Happy Birthday!


It’s my mother’s 92nd birthday on 18th February, but unfortunately like last years she will have no idea that this day is any different from any other day.  However on her 90th she did understand what was happening, but sadly it … Continue reading


Red red wine, might make you feel fine…


…if you know where to draw the line Amongst all the vexed and knotty questions of our time, one that keeps scientists foggy and perplexed is whether wine is good for you or not. You may cynically wonder, of course, … Continue reading


I think I’m like Karren Brady


I was reading my monthly Woman & Home magazine this week (Feb edition) and read, as always, Karren Brady’s column. Karren talked about how she is extremely well organised, disciplined, focussed and determined in her professional business life, but how … Continue reading


A bad time


Hi everyone Sorry its been so long since I last blogged but the eczema went mad so spent most of my time trying to sort it out as best I could. I’m not sure how it all started but two … Continue reading


Childcare and Hugging Your Non-Allergic Child


On the radio this morning I heard an interview with Dr Aric Sigman, a fellow of the Society of Biology, who has been looking at the cortisol levels (stress hormone) in infants and toddlers in day care as opposed to those … Continue reading


Dairy & Egg-free Valentine Cup Cake Recipe


valentin cup cake

Dairy & Egg-free Valentine Cup Cake Recipe It’s almost St Valentine’s Day again and lots of you have asked for my easy recipe for delicious egg-free, dairy-free Valentine‘s cupcakes. They look great decorated with a single strawberry or a simple … Continue reading


First Estimates Of Funding In New Health Structure


£65bn in the hands of local doctors, nurses and other health professionals In the future, doctors, nurses and other health professionals could control almost £65 billion of NHS funding, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced today. In addition, around £5.2 billion … Continue reading


Will She Wear Purple?


Most of you know the poem that begins, “When I am old, I shall wear purple.” The poem’s title is “Warning,” and it was written in 1961 by British poet Jenny Joseph. In 1961, wearing purple was a much bigger … Continue reading


Want To Stay Sharp? Make Music!


Gareth Malone has convinced many of the community benefits and emotional pay off for those joining a choir, but it seems any form of music making will also help keep those brain cells alert. If you resisted that piano practice … Continue reading


My own private Up Helly Aa


This week the Shetland Isles celebrated their fire festival Up Helly Aa. The tradition, which started in the Victorian era, is a reference to the Isles connection to their Scandinavian neighbours. It is also seen as a marker for the … Continue reading


Prostate cancer drug too expensive


Men with advanced prostate cancer are being denied the right to take a drug which could extend their life by more than 3 months. Although a final decision has yet to be made Abiraterone has been provisionally rejected for use … Continue reading


International investigation into skin cancer survival to begin in Leeds


A MAJOR international collaboration between scientists investigating the survival of melanoma skin cancer patients will begin at the University of Leeds later this year. Professor Julia Newton-Bishop from the Leeds Institute of Molecular Medicine, part of the University of Leeds’ … Continue reading