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There are three leading factors that can result in acne:

– Producing abnormal amounts of oil or sebum;

– Unbalanced way of shedding dead skin cells;

– Buildup of the bacteria.

Acne starts to develop when hair follicles become blocked by dead skin cells or oil. The hair follicles are linked to the sebaceous gland which produces a substance called sebum. Sebum is necessary as it oils our hair and skin. The oil moves along the hair and appears through the follicle to reach the skin. The hair follicle can become blocked if dead skin cells are excessively produced or if the amount of sebum is more than usual, this creates a soft plug.

A swollen hair follicle results in a whitehead and a dark plug results in a blackhead. An inflamed or infected blocked hair follicle comes precedes the appearance of pimples. However, cysts which are bumps under the skin, are produced when the hair follicles deep inside become inflamed. Typically, skin pores are not impacted by acne.

The overproduction of sebum is influenced by a number of drugs, hormonal changes, bacteria and heredity. Studies continue to commence in this area to try to determine the precise cause.

Diets do not play a part is acne that much but it remains common belief that food is linked to the development and appearance of acne.

Although genetic factors or changes in hormone levels resulting in acne cannot be modified, other things can be managed with a view to the prevention of this skin problem. Here is a list:

– Contact with oily products or make-up that damage the skin;

– Pressure and irritation of the skin provoked by tight collars, backpacks, cell phones and helmets.

Looking for cosmetics of a higher quality is certainly a way to prevent this skin problem from appearing. Also, replacing the backpacks with messenger bags, for example, is yet another way of making sure that acne is kept at distance. The cell phones and any other items that cause pressure when kept in the pocket should be placed in the bag, instead. This way, friction and pressure are relieved and the risk of developing acne decreases considerably. However, when acne is transmitted in the family from one generation to the other, people cannot do much to stop it. In this particular situation, it is best to look for medical advice and to follow a treatment that is based on topical creams and lotions.

The hormonal imbalance that come before acne can be found in:

– Both genders of teenagers;

– Expectant mothers;

– Women, a few days prior to their menstrual period;

– Patients that follow treatments that are based on certain drugs, such as cortisone.




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