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When the British Association of Anger Management formed 13 years ago, they had no way of knowing that a few years later they would be opening treatment centres in 10 new destinations due to overwhelming demand.

Back then anger management was something that very few people knew anything about. The new website received just 28 hits a day – startlingly low when compared with new figures which see over 300 people from across the country logging on each day to learn more about anger– an increase of 476%.

To you, anger management may be something that ‘other people’ have. To many, it’s a frightening reality that affects their home and work lives and their personal relationships. The following statistics really help to hammer home the UK’s growing problem with anger.

60% of attendees to BAAM’s programmes recognise that their anger stems from their personal relationships – either with partners or children 20% directly relate their stress to professional relationships 90% of those receiving treatment reported having being bullied at some stage and have gone on to victimise others 95% of those in attendance suffer from shame disorders where they believe that something is wrong with themselves – or, in simpler terms, that they are broken

There is no doubt that these statistics are bleak, demonstrating what a huge concern anger and stress are in the UK and what a large percentage of our population these disorders are affecting.

Fortunately, over the last 13 years BAAM have been working tirelessly to provide treatment to those suffering from these issues.

Mary’s story…

Mary had always been prone to angry outbursts but it was after she fell pregnant for the first time that she really saw her anger reach new heights. After bravely acknowledging that something needed to be done, Mary decided to attend an intense weekend course run by BAAM.

“I learnt to understand why I was prone to reacting in such an angry way and how to control myself. It genuinely changed my life and my personal relationships have improved immeasurably. I am so grateful for the help and support that I received from the BAAM.”

Alison tells us her story…

“After arguing with my partner about the fact that we were both becoming increasingly angry I managed to persuade him it was time to sign up.”

“In the session Mike encouraged us to examine the reasons behind our anger and sent us away with activities that we could work through together.”

“Believe it or not my partner and I left the course holding hands and laughing and since the course we have learnt to talk our issues through. Before, I was walking through life making judgements on everything and anyone but the course opened me up to my perception of myself.

“It was a life lesson which I will carry with me always. The difference it has made to me as person is amazing.”

With BAAM’s help, 82% of attendees state they have their anger under control 18 months later.




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