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Is popping pimples good for us?” this is a very good question in regard to doing our skin good or in fact harming our skin. The desire is very primal and animal like in quality. It is also virtually impossible to resist the urge and go to a mirror and squeeze. There is also a sense of achievement when the spot finally bursts and expels the puss from inside. Lots of people would identify with this behavior, although it does sound gross.

The hard and fast response is certainly not and will attempt to discuss the reasons for this. It is very common to attempt to squeeze the spot before it is ready and further inflammation of the infected area is the outcome. If the pimple has a white or yellow head on it then it is ready for the puss inside to be dispelled. However if this is not the case then it is not recommended to try to pop before this stage.

Yet more reasons for not popping pimples are that cysts can develop. These are big and very sore legions which result from ruptures under the skin. They are not a sure thing as most people will just contaminate the rest of their skin which in turn creates more spots and infected areas. However it is essential to go to a doctor if cysts do appear. Another thing to note is that permanent marks or pot holes can be left from chronic pimple popping.

There may be times when a pimple is ripe or obviously ready to pop and the overwhelming urge to squeeze it is upon us. If you squeeze safely by having clean hands, using a warm cloth and squeeze using two Q-tips then you will probably be ok and the spot will heal well. You can also buy a comedone extractor; this is a tool you buy from a pharmacy and is specifically designed for the job in hand.

A skin specialist such as a dermatologist would be proper to obtain advice from as they are knowledgeable regarding best treatment methods and can recommend products and regimes that match a particular skin type. This may be the right road to go down if you are one of those people that finds it difficult to stop themselves from obsessively popping.

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  1. Cara_Voller

    Hi Ellie,

    Great post. I was always told to follow the traffic light rule – if its red its not ready, if its yellow you can squeeze and if its green go to the doctor!

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