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Its Friday….

I have had 3 Text Messages from Takeaway Pizza Companies!

4 Flyers through the door from fast food companies

At least 10 people say they are going for takeout today!!

Thats 17 opportunities to justify a take away tonight for me alone ! WOWZERS…

What i chose to eat tonight is Organic Steak,  Vegetables with Beans! Yum… Take that Take Aways!!

Its amazing that we know fast food isn’t good for us at all and contributes to health conditions that cost us more money every year, yet we still push the sale of this stuff!!

Resist the Take Away – it takes your control away!!!

Take control and say NO!!  Take that, Take Away!!!



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2 Responses to Take Away? or Take that Take Aways?

  1. My lot always want a take away on a Friday night. Since I’ve been on a diet I’ve said ‘no’ – well most of the time. When I have given in we’ve gone to the supermarket – they’ve chosen high-calorie Indian food and I’ve gone for the Innocent type lower cal ready meal.

    We get at least 3 leaflets a week for pizza, Chinese, Indian and they go straight in the bin!

    Your blog is short, sweet, humorous and straight to the point! Enjoy that steak.

  2. Pippa

    Takeways as we all should know are bad for us, however every so often it isn’t a crime!
    Just make sure you have a good balanced diet the majority of the time and exercise.
    So many people sit all day with moving so it’s extremely important that some exercise is taken whether it’s a swim a brisk walk at lunch time etc. Try to take stairs and avoid lifts when you can, every little helps.
    Remember to reward yourself every so often!

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