rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Living with a fragrance allergy


My last post for TalkHealth was about the nose-tickling topic of hayfever. Since then, it has rained pretty much exclusively and pollen counts have remained low across the UK. Typical! However my post today is about another common cause of … Continue reading


When doctors still made house calls and people still died at home


Over 100 years ago, when doctors still made house calls and people still died at home, it would have been difficult to predict the events that led much of the Western world to a trillion dollar healthcare systems technology industry … Continue reading


Tea and sympathy


I’m a great fan of the cup of tea. My favourite is Earl Grey made with tea leaves and beaming with bergamot. I don’t like it particularly strong. I take a little milk, but not sugar. I vividly remember my … Continue reading


On the other hand…


Well, just before you think it’s going to be all doom and gloom here at Stitch Towers, I thought I’d count my blessings and try to think about 10 Good Things that have arisen due to my PD diagnosis. If Martha … Continue reading


A simple solution for improving healthcare


We can improve healthcare today by improving accessibility of the information shared between doctor (the expert on the science) and the patients (the experts on their personal experience). Over 5000 years ago, as described in the Old Testament, the first human … Continue reading


Online clinic on hay fever and environmental allergies with NHS Choices


talkhealth in partnership with NHS Choices, Action Against Allergy and The King’s College London Allergy Academy have today launched an Online Clinic on Hay Fever and Environmental Allergies. Clinical experts including Dr Adam Fox, Dr Helen Brough, Dr Joanna Lukawska and … Continue reading


Physiology of grief


As the impact of my Mother’s death lessens, I can now put into perspective the way my body reacted to the grief at losing my Mother to cancer last year. Some have likened the grief process to accelerated ageing, with changes … Continue reading


The Roaring Twenties!


My tolerance in my late teens and twenties was amazing. Whether it is genetics or not, I obviously had inherited hollow legs, and throughout my twenties could drink a country dry with little side effect. It also gave me confidence … Continue reading


Anorexia in Adolescents


A 19 minute video to help explain signs, symptoms and treatment for anorexia in adolescents. Anorexia in adolescents by C and M Productions   +547   


CHARITY PLEDGES £0.7m FOR HUMANE MEDICAL RESEARCH Dr Hadwen Trust announces 2012 grant recipients


The Dr Hadwen Trust (DHT) today announced grants totalling over £720k to fund innovative and humane research into bipolar disorder, cardiovascular disease, cystic fibrosis, motor-neuron disease, rabies and schizophrenia. The projects, which will be taking place at seven leading universities … Continue reading


The value proposition of private social networking for healthcare


The value proposition of private social networking for healthcare is saving time not spending time. You, me, we’re all consumers As consumers of products and services, doctors are no different from anyone else. They have basic needs (sales is defined … Continue reading


The lucky one


I’m sure that this is a common experience for people in situations similar to mine.  I’ve actually lived alone at various points in my life and mostly I’ve found it O.K.  My current situation is not remotely like that, because … Continue reading


How private social networking can make healthcare workers really effective


We  are accustomed to think  about social media in terms of the personal interactions that stimulate our System 1: the intuitive, fast thinking process in our brain that enables us to enjoy interesting content and parry conversations with witty repartee. … Continue reading


From the Muck of Menopause


Menopause is mucky. Periods so weird they would scare a lady swamp monster. Breasts that feel like water balloons ready to pop.  Sleep? In a bed all night long? Impossible! The emotional stuff is even more mucky. Muck . Muck. … Continue reading


Truth and Honesty


This is an off piste post, but I just had to share from reading another blog, the contents of which touched me enormously along with my take on the acceptance of drinking to excess. I am never surprised at the … Continue reading


Rosacea and my eyes


Sorry its been a while since I have written on this blog- life has been very hectic and very stressful. With lots happening within my business and personal life my stress levels have been going through the roof and my … Continue reading


The biggest resource in healthcare is the patients themselves.


We can use private social networks to enable patients to connect directly with their physicians and healthcare providers. By connecting directly with their physician in a private social network, doctors can provide guidance and patients can provide feedback using a simple, easy-to-use … Continue reading


Coeliac disease and osteoporosis: why exercise is so important


I went to see a doctor a little while ago, and she suggested sending me for a DEXA scan, which measures your bone density. Out of however many years (at least ten!?) I have been at the same surgery, she … Continue reading


(Un)-meaningful use – the healthcare system you should be using


How do you get the most of a software application for managing your patients’ medical information, i.e. maximize your return on investment? At the same time, how do you minimize your security and compliance risk for using the software? Different … Continue reading




Parkinson’s is a funny old thing. It creeps up on you without you really noticing. Apparently, by the time you realise there’s something up, most of the dopamine producing cells have died or are distinctly doddery. It’s all too late … Continue reading


Don’t Pick on the Peanut People


Before I start this article, I would like to tell you about myself. I am the mother of a child who has multiple food allergies which includes peanuts, uncooked dairy, eggs, gluten and watermelon. I have spent the last 10 … Continue reading


Help For Hot Flushes


There is no doubt that one of the most aggravating, and sometimes annoyingly persistent, symptoms of menopause are those dratted hot flushes and night sweats. Every woman seems to respond differently and to have her own unique timetable for their … Continue reading


I’m back & better than ever!


Hey guys 🙂 Okay, I know I haven’t posted in a loooong time and, I’ll be honest, I forgot about blogging for a while! I’ve been back and forth to the hospital for check-up appointments in between finishing projects in … Continue reading


Mesothelioma in the UK and throughout Europe


I received an email  from the Mesothelioma Center. Although based in the US, I agreed to host a guest post. Jensen Whitmer has written the post, which I hope will get more of us thinking about the risks our loved … Continue reading




After the death of my Father, aged 13, the isolation became immense. My elder Brother was away at school, and my Mother was in the grip of both alcohol misuse and grief. I had friends at school and played a … Continue reading


My real life fear of FOOD sad but true


I’ve had bad nights sleep and here I am awake at 3am.  I’m feeling grotty and then my head fills with emotion and questions and then the tears start.   Suddenly I realize what is wrong….. Yesterday I went out on … Continue reading


Coeliac…isn’t that a vegetable?


I am not a fussy eater It is not an allergic reaction No, it isn’t contagious Yes, I can eat potatoes No, I can’t “just try a little bit” These endless questions and assumptions made about coeliac disease can be … Continue reading


Keeping Eczema at bay


Hi Everyone I can’t believe it is so long since I last blogged but after the very, very, bad episode of Eczema some months ago, I sort of lost the will to write about it, which I’m sure you will … Continue reading


A more gentle approach to grief


Perhaps I was a bit harsh last week. I was feeling particularly vulnerable. It’s my birthday this week and I’m missing my Mom. My Dad has been leaning quite heavily on me and the emotional strain is getting a bit … Continue reading


Boho or beige??


Let’s continue with decorating my new pad here at talkhealth. Don’t worry I won’t exhaust the metaphor – we won’t be picking out coasters together. But I would like to set the tone, the style. My persona. And then we … Continue reading


Let’s talk about fat


Let’s talk about fat. We live in a society that views all fat as bad.  Fat free everything everywhere.  Dire warnings about being overweight and how much obesity is costing the healthcare systems.  Fat has been demonised.  Fat is officially BAD … Continue reading




There has long been a discussion Around the Dinner Table about Pandas.  Not just the cute black and white furry bears that have proved useful as a distraction technique whilst refeeding a loved one with an eating disorder but the … Continue reading


Droop and THE GIRLS


Corsets Girdles Magnetic Harness Underwear, UK (1890)

I’m wondering if these old time corsets would help me deal with the droop my girls complain about. In the above sentence, THE GIRLS means my daughters.  Whenever we go clothes shopping, I usually hear from Laura or Kath:  ” … Continue reading


Here I am…


Here I am, in an empty, white room. I haven’t put the curtains up, rolled out the rugs or shuffled my comfy chair in – a new space for me to make into a home. Soon snippets and threads will be all … Continue reading


Mediterranean Diet – In A Capsule


Well, not really of course but Masquelier have produced a supplement that contains the key ingredients to help you and your heart stay healthy. My regular readers will know my feelings about statins by now, and a healthy alternative is … Continue reading


Tragic Beginnings


I am not sure whether or not I was born to be alcoholic, the jury is still out from my point of view on the genetic connection. There is very strong arguments for this to be the case and indeed … Continue reading


3 Miracle Foods That Burn Fat


Foods that burn fat is this possible? Scientific research have discovered that people that consume particular foods loose weight compared to those who don’t, even when all other contributing factors remain the same. Sounds too good to be true! In … Continue reading


What Is The Paleo Diet And Why It Is Good For Us


For detailed information on what is the Paleo Diet, there is an abundance of information available on the internet. It is also called the Caveman or Paleolithic Diet. The logic behind it is the fact that our prehistoric ancestors thrived … Continue reading


Anorexia in Adolescents


M and I started making films about eating disorders in January 2011, using Xtranormal.  It may not have been the slickest or smoothest of mediums but it has served our purpose of disseminating information to parents, carers and clinicians in … Continue reading


Do Parents Cause Eating Disorders?


An important blog post from ExtraLongTail Parents and Anorexia can be read here. or from F.E.A.S.T. Do Parents Cause Their Children to Develop Eating Disorders? Parents do not cause eating disorders. That statement may seem obvious, but it is the … Continue reading


De-clutter your life: moving on from grief


I am not a life coach or counsellor. I’m not even a really friendly ear. I’m outspoken and honest. And I say this, de-clutter your lives. Do it now. Do not surround yourself with people who are negative and unrewarding. … Continue reading


Sweating it out: menopausal facts are hard to figure


All women have to go through it eventually – the menopause may be postponed with the help of HRT, but even those still wanting to produce babies in their eighties have one day to accept the fact that their ovaries … Continue reading


The importance of nutrition for the brain


I have involved in a number of discussions over the last week about the importance of nutrition for the brain.  I have looked at a number of studies about food and depression, the importance of nutrition for geriatric patients and the … Continue reading


Another BMI Rant


To Deborah Mason – for encouragement: Would it surprise you to know that Venus Williams is 3kg off being classed as overweight?  Does this now make you rethink the current obesity epidemic hysteria in the media? For the three zillionth … Continue reading


An Explanation of BMI and its shortcomings


This is a really complex subject so I will try and break it down: BMI and the DSM The DSM threshold for anorexia nervosa is a BMI of 17.5.  Two points to notice.  The first is that a person with … Continue reading


Setting a Target Weight Range


Reproduced by kind permission of F.E.A.S.T. (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) Setting Target Weight After an eating disorder diagnosis, it is important to determine whether the patient’s disordered eating behaviors have artificially changed body composition and … Continue reading


Channel 4 and Care in Dementia Homes



I have recently been speaking with a documentary production team for Channel 4 about experiences people have had with Dementia Care Homes.  They are interested particularly in the following topics: – Prescription of anti-psychotics – Finding a Dementia Care home … Continue reading


The Role of Nutrition for Parents


The role of nutrition, food intake and weight What do food and nutrition have to do with eating disorder recovery? What can parents do when it comes to what, when, and how much to eat? There are two important things … Continue reading


What causes an eating disorder


Reproduced with kind permission of F.E.A.S.T. (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) “What causes a person to develop an eating disorder? We do not yet know, for sure, what causes eating disorders. Here are some things we do … Continue reading


Denial is not a river in Egypt


There is no magic pill, drink or technique that will cure you of having a chronic health condition. Well-meaning people will say in the early days, “Oooh try this thing”.  Or, “I’ve heard if you cut out bread, wheat and … Continue reading


Feeding Requirements


Where do you begin when your child has just been diagnosed with an eating disorder?  Well, if you are anything like me, you begin from a place of total ignorance, prejudice and despair.  Unhelpfully, the majority of Tier 1 clinicians … Continue reading


Eating Disorders and Malnutrition


Reproduced by kind permission of F.E.A.S.T. (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) “EFFECTS OF MALNUTRITION An eating disorder, along with the cognitive and emotional symptoms, causes nutritional chaos. That chaos of lost nutrients, erratic supply, and the … Continue reading


Eating Disorders – a short introduction


When describing mental illnesses, it is the current practice to describe them as brain disorders.  Personally, I prefer brain circuitry disorders as described here by Dr Thomas Insel, Head of NIMH. So what are eating disorders and are they brain … Continue reading


Aqua Classes… Do they really work?


The benefits of Aqua Exercise. Warm water pressure helps to block pain receptors, making it ideal for persons post surgery. (back, hip, knee, shoulder etc) Water works to keep you buoyant meaning the exercise is less weight bearing. This means there … Continue reading


Carers in the home


Last week there was a lot in the British press about carers in the home and you may even have caught Deborah from talkhealth talking on BBC London radio about the issues surrounding the care provided for people in their … Continue reading




There is no doubt that more Middle Class, Middle Aged professional working Mothers are drinking too much, along with stay at home Mums. Wine seems to be the drug of choice. Over the last 20 years or so it has … Continue reading


Happy Easter


Well it’s Easter weekend and time for eating chocolate! But no not me! I may nibble a bit of the children’s Easter eggs but I’ve told my husband that on no account must he buy me an egg! I’ve now … Continue reading


I am Sarah and I am an alcoholic…


I am Sarah and I am an alcoholic. Not active, an ex alcoholic. The first statement is one that many are familiar with, quoted millions of times at the famous AA meetings. Prior to my sobriety, those words always conjured … Continue reading


The invisibility cloak


It has occurred to me that society has a way of cloaking the difficult aspects of life, death and some things in between. I assumed that because I was OK to talk about Mom’s cancer, everyone else would be OK … Continue reading


Should a Friend Tell a Friend She’s Got a Chin Hair?


This is one of those TMI kind of posts, a post that when I was thirty-five, I had no clue I would dare write.  Of course when I was thirty-five, I had no clue about the super yucko stuff that was going to happen to … Continue reading


When Kitchens Attack


While we are busy preparing and flitting around the kitchen, we sometimes forget to be careful of seemingly innocent items that can become cross-contamination traps. It’s hard enough cleaning, searching out recipes, shopping and doing everything on time to produce … Continue reading


First blog – doing something about postnatal depression


When I went to see my GP in June I began with a very rambling and stream of consciousness rant about how I was feeling. I was tearful, I explained, and exhausted. Anxious too – and even when my children … Continue reading


Let’s talk about dying


I have been looking at cancer blogs and forums and have noticed something quite disappointing. They are filled (quite rightly) with inspirational survivor stories and battle cries, but are lacking in discussions on death and dying. The two largest cancer … Continue reading


Introductory blog


My name is Galin Cleary and I am a Chiropractor.  This is my first blog for talkhealth and I am very excited to be joining the team. I thought I’d start with my journey into Chiropractic.  I initially did an … Continue reading


What’s in your make up bag?


How many of us have bags or draws where we hoard our make up long after its shelf life but how long should we keep our make-up for? I know myself I have lipsticks and eye shadows from years gone … Continue reading