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M and I started making films about eating disorders in January 2011, using Xtranormal.  It may not have been the slickest or smoothest of mediums but it has served our purpose of disseminating information to parents, carers and clinicians in a short understandable format.

We have been priviledged to do a lot of work with Professor Janet Treasure and her team at the Institute of Psychiatry in this medium and our films are watched in most countries in the world, via our You Tube channel.

This first film is the longest one and tries to encompass the fear and frustration of a parent of an adolescent with anorexia, alongside some helpful advice from our “clinician”.

C&M ED Productions – Anorexia in Adolescents

This work is entirely voluntary and is achieved across 2 continents and about 10 different time zones.  Without M’s infinite patience and brilliant editing, this film would still be a mass of notes on my desk.



Charlotte Bevan, wife of a farmer, mother of teenagers, breast cancer survivor and parent advocate Secretary F.E.A.S.T. UK, Expert Carer, Echo Project, Institute of Psychiatry, talkhealth and Mumsnet Blogger

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