Let’s continue with decorating my new pad here at talkhealth. Don’t worry I won’t exhaust the metaphor – we won’t be picking out coasters together. But I would like to set the tone, the style. My persona. And then we can discuss how Parkinson’s has affected it, because it has believe me.

I’ve always made stuff, loved arts and crafts, stitched and knitted but I’m a scientist by nature, analytical as well as intuitive. I work in the financial sector and spend my days problem solving. I was considered a bit of a high achiever I seem to remember. And then Parkinson’s came along.

So I was a business chick, tastefully taupe. Now? Now I have a blonde streak, wear colour and pattern, dress in vintage and knit for Britain. It’s fair to say I’ve changed. But I’ve tightened as well as loosened. So my boho prints have a darker tinge. I may have decided to try to live in the moment but the meds I am on enhance Parkinson’s tendency towards anxiety. I can’t handle stress like before. And with 2 small boys that’s hard to cope with.

Parkinson’s is a brain disease and boy can you tell. I’d say the emotional side is the toughest nut to crack. I need a friendly squirrel. He’d be welcome in my new house, the sooner the better.


2 Responses to Boho or beige??

  1. Catriona Catriona W

    Hello Stitch and welcome to the talkhealth blog. I think your posts are delightful, and you have a very charming way of writing. Infact your style reminds me of my bookclub and such a style would always be a top rated book – so are you a writer?!

    I think one thing that everyone that blogs here has in common is the understanding of good and bad days, particularly with regard to mental health as opposed to the physical side of a condition. Back in our ‘youthful’ days the term mental health was a real stigma but thank goodness thinks have really changed and one can far more easily express the good, the bad and the ugly side of what life throws at us all in various disguises. I really look forward to reading your future blogs.

  2. Thank you so much. I’d love to say I’m a writer but no, I’m an office-bound wannabe. My next post is about ups and downs. I hope you enjoy it, although enjoy might not be the most appropriate verb. I hope it’s worthwhile the time spent reading it’ that’s better!

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