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Well it’s Easter weekend and time for eating chocolate! But no not me! I may nibble a bit of the children’s Easter eggs but I’ve told my husband that on no account must he buy me an egg!

Sadly no Easter eggs for me!!

I’ve now lost 11 pounds in total and would dearly love to make a nice round stone by next Friday – as I’m going on holiday and I just know that another 3 pounds will make everything feel that little bit more comfortable.

So, this weekend I’m going to do some walking, eating smaller portions and not drinking. Fingers crossed those 3 pounds disappear within a week!

Happy Easter to all of you and enjoy those Easter eggs! Have one on me!



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2 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. Mark Mark

    fingers crossed for you Deb…

  2. Well Mark, there wasn’t any point in crossing your fingers – I didn’t lose those 3 pounds – in fact on holiday I put on a pound! But it’s gone again now.

    11 weeks til I’m away next so 11 weeks to lose a stone (I’m being realistic here) so a pound a week.

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