Here I am, in an empty, white room. I haven’t put the curtains up, rolled out the rugs or shuffled my comfy chair in – a new space for me to make into a home. Soon snippets and threads will be all over the place I’m sure but at the moment it feels very, well, bare. Sooooo, let’s start with a splash of colour shall we?

Shall I introduce myself? My name is Stitch This. Ah, you’ve guessed already that I’ve made that up, nobody would have parents that cruel would they? No, I write under a pseudonym so I can feel fairly free and easy about my comments and thoughts. So much more fun when you are invisible I think. I have two small, noisy, sticky boys and a husband who is rapidly turning into a boat-head as a pose to the rabid petrol head he has been ever since we met. Which was when we were 18. I am in my, ahem, early 40’s and was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s in January 2008 although the symptoms started Summer 2005. I have an established blog where I record my stitchy attempts and general life ramblings which hitherto has included PD stuff to a certain extent. It was that blog that has brought me here.

The nice people at talkhealth asked me to post on PD here. You’ll get used to my take on this weird and frustrating condition – I have good days and bad days like everyone else and I’m learning to change my life slowly slowly. It would be lovely if you joined me. I do actually talk to myself in RL (real life) but it’s so much more fun when there are others in the room. You’ll have to bring a chair though….

Find me at http://stitch-this.net/


4 Responses to Here I am…

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  2. caroline ashrafi

    Great start to your talkhealth Blogging career and I am looking forward to reading more! You are an inspiration.

  3. Nice start! I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts. And seeing your blog decoration too, of course. Hmmm… curtains? Big red theatrical ones? Maybe not. I imagine you might go for a sort of retro-chintz. Maybe even patchwork…

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