My last post for TalkHealth was about the nose-tickling topic of hayfever. Since then, it has rained pretty much exclusively and pollen counts have remained low across the UK. Typical! However my post today is about another common cause of sneezing, itchy eyes and snuffly discomfort: fragrance allergies.

Fragrance allergies actually cover a whole range of reactions because perfumes are usually made up of a complex combination of chemicals. It could be one, more than one or a certain combination of fragrance chemicals that trigger a reaction. It is thought that as much as 4% of the UK population suffers from this to some degree.

This can be quite disabling for those at the most severe end of the spectrum, as perfumes are all around us in everyday life and our exposure to them is largely out of our control. Many suffer in the workplace, where they are exposed to perfumes worn by colleagues, as well as on public transport and in public spaces such as supermarkets.

Fragrances are also used in a wide range of products that many people use on a regular basis. Most laundry powders are strongly perfumed, as well as kitchen surface cleaners, air fresheners and other household products.

Cosmetics are the area where people often first notice their fragrance allergy. As well as what we typically think of as perfumes, fragrances are also used in almost every cleanser, moisturiser, shampoo, shower gel and deodorant. Truly fragrance free products can be surprisingly hard to come by, with some manufacturers even adding scent to counteract the unpleasant scent of a product, so producing a neutral product that actually includes perfume.

With a product range born out of allergies and sensitivities, Green People is proud to say its fragrance free products are truly made with no added fragrances. They are made with no essential oils and no artificial scents to give those with fragrance allergies a range of essentials for looking after skin and hair naturally.


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