How many of us have bags or draws where we hoard our make up long after its shelf life but how long should we keep our make-up for? I know myself I have lipsticks and eye shadows from years gone by probably some of the old packaging information has worn off and none of them can be good for my skin. I’m not saying we should immediately throw away our old make-up, just that we should be aware our products won’t last forever. However if you have had an eye infection you should throw away your eye liners and mascaras as you could reinfect your eye when you use them again. Below I have researched the shelf life of the main make-up products these may vary slightly from brand to brand especially organic or mineral make-up. This information is probably even more important if you have skin problems and sensitivities so keep an eye on when you purchased your make-up – you could even put a date on the packaging with a labelling pen.

Shelf life of make-up:
Mascara – this has one of the shortest shelf lives and it is recommended you throw yours away after 3-4months. Don’t pump the wand in and out to get more mascara out by doing this you are exposing it to more air so therefore it will dry out quicker in the tube. If you find your wand is clogged after a few weeks, one trick to get the most of your mascara is buy a separate wand and use that instead.
Foundation – this can last up to 18 months if kept out of direct sunlight.
Concealer – Perfect for disguising dark circles and blemishes this lasts up to 12 months
Lipsticks – These last up to two-three years. Use a lip brush to get every last bit out of your favourite shade.
Eyeshadow –  Powder eyeshadow can last up to a couple of years but cream ones last approximately six to eight months.
Eye Liner Pencils – This lasts up to 18 months to three years – keep it sharpened though for the best results and also you won’t damage or scratch this delicate skin area.

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  1. Makes you think about make-up hygeine!

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    Yeah, that’s all are important.

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