rich emollient used in the management of eczema, psoriasis and other dry skin conditions.

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Moving towards your 20% improvement with eczema


There is nothing worse than not being able to remember when you felt like yourself, when you were able to function without restriction.  As an individual who has been afflicted with sensitive skin and atopic dermatitis for most of my … Continue reading


Rise in sexually transmitted infections


The Health Protection Agency has announced that there has been a 2% increase in the number of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) in England. There are now nearly 427,000 cases of STI’s with the biggest increase in gonorrhoea. Experts are concerned … Continue reading


Doctors strike


Doctors are planning a one day strike on 21st June and will be refusing to treat all non-urgent care.  This is the first strike in nearly 40 years taken by doctors. The strike was voted in favour of by a … Continue reading


Sunscreen vs. Eczema


Have sent MIB (my itchy boy) off to nursery today with a hat but no sunscreen.  Am I a bad mother?  Nope, just an indecisive one.  Too early in the morning to decide whether or not he’ll definitely need it … Continue reading


What To Do If You’ve Just Been Diagnosed With Coeliac Disease


For some people, finally being diagnosed with coeliac disease can be a relief! They’ve finally got an answer as to why they’ve been suffering for so long. For others [and myself], being diagnosed with coeliac disease can turn your world … Continue reading


Do children need body image lessons?


MPs have recommended that all school children should receive body image lessons to boost self-esteem and they way they view themselves. An inquiry has found that girls as young as 5 are worrying about body image.  This is thought to … Continue reading


Love in the time of psoriasis


There is one aspect of having psoriasis that no one really talks about – the feelings of nervousness and embarrassment it can create when it comes to matters of love. To love and be loved is to expose yourself and … Continue reading


Online Clinic on Weight Loss with NHS Choices


NHS Choices and talkhealth have teamed up with Weight Concern to present an ‘Online Clinic on Weight Loss‘ from 30 May – 8 June 2012. Leading weight loss experts will be on hand throughout the whole of the week to answer your … Continue reading


Doctors warn new NHS 111 number will lead to more call outs


Doctors have warned that the new 111 phone number for non-emergency services has led to up to three times more ambulance call-outs and could lower the standard of care that children receive. The Department Of Health has laid down an … Continue reading


Smoking In Pregnancy Worryingly High Say Midwives


Commenting on the latest statistics on smoking in pregnancy released today by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, Dr Janine Stockdale, research fellow at the Royal College of Midwives, said: “I am pleased to see the rates of smoking … Continue reading


Seaweed cuts acne spots by two thirds



Acne, a distressing complaint largely affecting teens and young adults, has been shown to respond well when treated with seaweed. A new clinical trial of acne treatments containing seaweed extract has confirmed the healing power of seaweed. In the trial, … Continue reading


Sometimes, death is a negative


I enjoy reading grief blogs. They are often witty, inspirational and always personal. But some are written by cynical ‘grief specialists’, each with a unique process for dealing with grief. Now, this is OK for some, but for many of … Continue reading


Muscle Monday – Grip Strength an indicator of life expectancy.


  Unlike the biceps or the chest muscles the wrist flexor isn’t seen as a very sexy muscle (not many photos of men flexing their wrists around)  but the wrist flexor (flexor carpui radialis) is very important as it allows … Continue reading




Almost everyone gets back pain at some time, but staying active, with the help of chiropractic, may well be the best solution. Are you sitting comfortably? Poor posture may lead to back pain. Your chiropractor may advise you to make … Continue reading


Stick Your Tongue Out At Your Doctor!


Certainly something I have felt like doing when faced with an unwillingness to listen or being dismissed for asking about an alternative diagnosis or treatment. However as is the way of things Science eventually comes round to thinking that there … Continue reading


Can Dr. Google do it alone?


Patient self-management is great, but is a “have browser, will heal” strategy really a good idea?  Perhaps it’s a really bad idea? People have deep emotional concerns with psychosomatic implications that cannot be resolved by asking Dr. Google. A few … Continue reading


Team-based care


When I grew up in New Jersey, we had a GP who took care of the entire family, my parents, me and my 3 younger sisters. 30 years later, when my Mom became ill with MSA (multiple system atrophy), she … Continue reading




I’ve been mighty quiet recently. Very unlike me, I’m afraid. Times have been tough over at Stitch Towers, a major contributor to which has been a long lasting bout of insomnia. This is common amoung Parkinson’s patients but it doesn’t … Continue reading


What Causes Food Allergies?


This is truly the million dollar question! I have had so many people ask me what causes a food allergy, especially because they didn’t seem to be as prevalent before. There have been many theories floating around and I have read … Continue reading


Things my mother never taught me


My mother was a fine woman. She was strong and jolly and independent. She was not a stay at home mom. She worked full time and I went to pre-school when I was just two years old. I loved it, … Continue reading


New way to encourage health checks


Telford NHS has developed a novel way of encouraging local people to get a free health check. A courageous bunch took to the local shopping centre for a flash mob performance of Maroon 5’s hit single ‘Moves like Jagger’. It is … Continue reading


MEDA Pharmaceuticals UK Confirms Availability of EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr Auto-Injectors


MEDA Pharmaceuticals UK, suppliers of EpiPen® and EpiPen® Jr Auto-Injectors (0.3 and 0.15 mg adrenaline), has assured the Department of Health that it has adequate product supply to cover all patients requiring replacement adrenaline auto-injectors (AAI) with immediate effect. This … Continue reading


Brush Like a Flamingo


Balance. The not falling over kind of balance. I took a nasty spill the other day. I don’t  know what, besides a sharp turn and stepping from road to grass, made me fall.  For a few days, my shoulder felt … Continue reading


Flippin hay fever!


Well, it’s here. It’s arrived with avengeance …. this flippin hay fever! Thought I’d got off lightly this year as the weather has been so awful and I’ve not needed to take any medication. And, given I’m allergic to tree … Continue reading


Centre for Appearance Research International Conference


The Centre for Appearance Research is pleased to announce Appearance Matters 5. This two day international conference will be highlighting the current research and good practice around psychology and appearance, including body image, visible difference, the role of the media, … Continue reading


Why your doctors should be working together


Why your doctors should be working together and why patients shouldn’t have to integrate the data themselves. Eleven years ago, my Mom passed away from MSA – Multiple system atrophy. Multiple-system atrophy (MSA) is a neurological disorder associated with the … Continue reading


Accentuate the positives


On the journey from mild cognitive impairment and on through various stages of dementia, discussions with professionals, at which patients are very often present, tend to focus on deficits. I have been very aware of this recently after help from … Continue reading


NICE Consults On Updated Recommendations For Treating Infertility


The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is currently updating its 2004 NHS guidance on the assessment and treatment of couples with fertility problems. Today (22 May), NICE has issued a draft version of the updated guideline for … Continue reading


Chiropractic Introduction


Whether at home, at work or at play, you put your body through a lot each and everyday. Loss of joint movement may be caused by factors including your everyday lifestyle or just simple wear and tear. People of all … Continue reading


New Survey Shows State Of Research In NHS


The results of a new survey, published on International Clinical Trials Day (21 May), have shown that most people are not aware that research is a core part of the work of the NHS. The survey raises concerns that patients could … Continue reading


Encouraging results for men with enlarged prostate


New research on improved sexual function for men with enlarged prostate Welcome news for men with an enlarged prostate (BPH) appears with the publication of new research on an effective way of treating both the BPH and the sexual dysfunction … Continue reading


Happy Mental Health Awareness Week!


Happy Mental Health Awareness Week! Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation: “It’s often said that it’s better to give than receive but did you know that this is actually backed up by research? While many of … Continue reading


How not to treat a mentally ill patient


I was sent yesterday a scan of the Sheppard Pratt handbook, given to parents of a 13 year old earlier this year.  It is a sort of “Welcome to, Treatment Plan, Optional Extras” type document which is bad in too … Continue reading


Risk of Malignant Melanoma linked to blood pressure study finds


The main risk for both Malignant Melanoma and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers is exposure to UV light, whether direct from the sun or from artificial sources such as sun-beds. However there may be other unexplored risk factors which may add to … Continue reading


Hospitals make nearly four thousand medication errors in one week for inpatients with diabetes


Nearly one in three hospital patients with diabetes are affected by errors which can result in dangerously high blood glucose levels, according to a national audit report. Hospitals in England and Wales made at least one medication error in the … Continue reading


Intro to me and coeliac disease


When you tell someone you’re a coeliac, you’re often met with a blank stare followed by questions such as  “is that got something to do with seals?”, “is that one of those funny religious cults?”, “excuse me?”. It’s when you … Continue reading


The Re-Birth


At first I was on the pink cloud of Euphoria with my sobriety. Everything in those initial weeks was clean and fresh. There was so much I wanted to prove, and so much I wanted to do. All the hiding … Continue reading


Don’t think – act


An amazingly insightful blog post from the wonderful Carrie Arnold at ed bites, containing one of the greatest pieces of advice. You can’t think your way out of a disorder that you behaved your way into. This insight is incredibly helpful … Continue reading


Online Clinic on Skin Cancer and Sun Safety


talkhealth in partnership with NHS Choices, Skcin and Factor 50 have today launched an Online Clinic on Skin Cancer and Sun Safety. Clinical experts including Dr Andrew Wright, Dr Jonathan Bowling Clinical Nurse Specialist Saskia Reeken and Speciality Nurse Deborah Mills … Continue reading


Matchboxes out of fashion – A new study into Delusional Infestation looks at what patients present as signs of their disease.


The study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology, looked at 148 cases of delusional infestation.  This is a surprisingly common and debilitating condition where the patient believes that parts of their body or their environment are infested either by … Continue reading




Over the last 2 weeks I have noticed a dramatic increase in back pain patients. This is due to what I call…’Binge Gardening!’ the weather as we all know has been terrible, so all gardening and manual labour outside has … Continue reading


Stop the scraaaaatching!


These words will forever be ingrained in my mind! My nan would say this on a regular basis when I was a child. Although she meant it lovingly and said the scratching in a very exaggerated way, she even added … Continue reading


Back to basics – putting the patient back into center court


I remember standing on a line in a Barnes and Nobles store in Manhattan about 15 years ago and picking up a slim book of Michael Jordan’s autobiography.   I actually read the entire book while waiting in the queue … Continue reading


Dying Matters Awareness Week


The support we had when Mom was dying was second to none. The group of people who rallied round and made sure that Mom’s wishes were met, were angels to her and to us. Mom found it difficult to accept … Continue reading


Is a diagnosis necessarily a good thing?


A neurologist is quoted on an online forum as saying to someone who was impatient about the fact that it was taking her so long to obtain a diagnosis: ‘no diagnosis is better than a wrong diagnosis’. So here we … Continue reading


Is it psychosomatic then?


Today is Fibromyalgia and M.E/CFS awareness day, the day when the people who live with and charities who support try to raise awareness and inform people about these conditions. M.E Association Uk Fibromyalgia FMA uk Today’s post is dedicated to … Continue reading


Long time, no blog!


Well, I’ve not blogged for a while …. I think I’ve become a bit disheartened with losing weight as, basically, since my last posts I’ve lost NO MORE WEIGHT!! But I’ve finally decided that exercise is the key to kick … Continue reading


Irritable Bowel Syndrome leads to more than 5,000 hospital admissions a year, new report shows


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) led to more than 5,000 hospital admissions in England in 2011 – with women accounting for 70 per cent of such admissions – Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) figures show. IBS is a common … Continue reading


Male depression: the importance of being honest


“There are a lot of things that go on behind your eyes, in your head” – Five minutes into ITV’s recent Tonight programme about the stigma of male depression, came this poignant admission from rugby union player Duncan Bell, a … Continue reading


The juice detox…


This morning is the first day of my juice fasting. I started it last night just to have a taste of it, so I didn’t have dinner, and I’m kind of working with – I decided to do this perhaps … Continue reading


Are you using social networking for healthcare like you choose your haircut?


Danny Lieberman talks about why taking decisions on using social media for your medical practice should be based on your specialty and your patients’ needs, not what kind of haircut the guys in your class favor. A flattop is a … Continue reading


The Simple Truth


Many women tell me almost jokingly, that they now only have time to binge. The truth is, as shown by a recent study, women from managerial or professional backgrounds are 19 per cent more likely to drink heavily at home, … Continue reading


Lies, damned lies and statistics


We are always seeking ‘proof’ to guide our decisions, particularly when it comes to medical matters but that might be a mistake according to a new report. The largest comprehensive analysis of finds that clinical trials are falling short … Continue reading


Be clear on cancer: what the NHS ads don’t say


Let me first be clear – I whole-heartedly support the NHS lung cancer campaign to know the signs and go to your doctor if you have a persistent cough. But ours won’t be the first you’ve read, or the last, to say … Continue reading


Could You Go Without Gluten For A Week?


Coeliac UK, the national charity for coeliac disease is challenging the nation to go gluten-free from 14-20 May to raise awareness of the daily food frustrations encountered by the 1 in 100 people in the UK who have coeliac disease. … Continue reading


A conversation with Irish Up – how brains work.


A few days ago, I decided to try out some of my more extreme theories on the world about brain wiring, brain trimming and fault neurons.  Luckily I am blessed with the wonderful Irish Up  as a friend, to set … Continue reading


Do you have difficulties getting out of a chair?


The ability to stand up from a chair is a key skill to maintain independence and mobility. As you get older you lose strength in the hip and knee extensors which are the muscles that help straighten our legs. In this blog … Continue reading


Freeing yourself from a tobacco and alcohol addiction


Danny Lieberman talks about improving healthcare by taking a page out of the chip industry, designing a process, ramping it up into mass production and then driving down costs with continuous improvement. Social media is more addictive than cigarettes and … Continue reading


The Final Performance


Life had now really begun to freefall. On top of my vast alcohol addiction, trying to fend off debt collectors, and keeping some kind of structure to my son’s daily routine, the stress became too much for my husband and … Continue reading


What is an Integrative Doctor?


In the world of food allergies, I have been on a journey for the past 10 years. First with my son and now with myself. In the process, I have been laughed at, had eyes rolled at me, dismissed and … Continue reading


Tackling chronic pain – it’s like learning a new language..and unlearning an old


Tackling chronic pain is a challenge. Undoubtedly our understanding of pain, the role of the nervous system and other body systems, has advanced to permit a reconceptualisation of the experience and how we can approach it. The knowledge that there … Continue reading


Reconceptualising pain for better treatment – a revolution? A revelation?


Traditionally pain is understood to be an unpleasant experience in the body where a problem exists, and is something to be got rid of as quickly as possible. The so-called ‘biomedical model’ considers which structures require treatment or surgery, stopping … Continue reading


Teaching an old dog new tricks


Not that I am calling anyone an ‘old dog’, ’you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’  is a universally understood phrase implying that once we are set in our ways, change is impossible. This is simply not the case. I am … Continue reading


The hamstring


The hamstring  Hamstring injuries are common in football. Often seen as the player pulling up having been sprinting, he clutches the back of his thigh, then hopping or hitting the floor. The amount of pain can vary as in any … Continue reading


I can have my cake and eat it too!


Danny Lieberman frames the question of healthcare and social in a different way – and there might even be a delicious cake recipe in the post that is not too fattening! There is a tremendous swell of interest in using … Continue reading


Change, Change, Change in the Change of Life


At some point as I was clumping my way through the Change of Life, I thought:  I really am changing. Not only physically but in some metaphysical way that for the life of the new me, I couldn’t pinpoint. Yet … Continue reading


I’m Not Alone


This article sums up so much of the consequences that I see on a daily basis, and well worth a read. Think I will stick to my Pomegranate Juice!! Dr Smith-Laing, liver specialist, pulls no punches. ‘Until about 10 years ago, … Continue reading


Can I trust you to keep a secret?


In this article, Danny Lieberman talks about the importance of trust and privacy in our healthcare interactions. pri·va·cy/ˈprīvəsē/ The state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. The state of being free from public … Continue reading


It’s not all about suffering……….and imaginary conversations needs to be properly investigated


The admiral nurse pointed this out to me and it fits in so well with the person-centred approach to dementia. She was responding to my saying that S’s ‘conversations’ with the people she imagines are now quite often calm and … Continue reading


Getting into bed and staying there?


The family GP doesn’t do house calls anymore In late May 2009, my 87 year old mother-in-law fell. She got back into bed and stayed there. She was unwilling to get out of bed and be taken by ambulance to … Continue reading


The Days of Wine and Roses


After my booze fuelled twenties, partying, being involved in the most precarious situations, along with one or two brushes with death due to car accidents, invincible, devil may care me, hit 30. My life had really spiralled out of control … Continue reading


One in three people with asthma at highly increased risk of a potentially fatal attack


To mark this years World Asthma Day Asthma UK have published the results, so far from their Triple A: Avoid Asthma Attacks Test. They said “Thirty six percent of people with asthma are at a high risk of a potentially fatal … Continue reading


The importance of the first minutes, hours and days of an injury


Sustaining an injury is commonplace in sport. What happens in the first few minutes, hours and days can play a big part in how well we recover. The injury needs to be diagnosed and understood, for example an ankle twisting … Continue reading


The Importance Of Exercise As We Age


The World Health Organisation identifies 50 years of age as the point in middle age at which engaging in regular physical exercise can prevent or delay the onset of many of the physical, psychological and social hazards that are associated … Continue reading


Anti-allergy Mattress Toppers


I’m thrilled to bits with our new Mattress Toppers. These luxurious sleep-enhancers have become really popular in the last few years and lots of AllergyBestBuys customers have asked me for a Topper that will add a layer of protection and … Continue reading