These words will forever be ingrained in my mind! My nan would say this on a regular basis when I was a child. Although she meant it lovingly and said the scratching in a very exaggerated way, she even added an odd accent to the word to make me laugh, I still couldn’t help but feel embarrassed about my scratching, furthermore, I would go away and hide so that I could scratch in peace!

I know people think they mean well and I catch myself telling my daughter to stop scratching occasionally, but what I found helps most of all for my daughter is distraction and to remove the hand away without saying a word, or whilst talking about a totally different subject.

Inevitably sometimes you just gotta scratch and get it over with!! Sometimes there is no way around it! I know my fellow sufferers can relate! When people say to me, “Why do you scratch when it’ll only make it worse” I ask them “If you had a sensation of insects crawling all over your arm, could you just sit there and ignore it?” Food for thought eh!?


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  1. I totally identify with this. I used to say this to my daughter – I think it’s the most natural thing to say even though you know it’s not the right thing to say! In the end I used to say ‘rub it’ as that helped and lessened the damage to the skin.

    Wonder if anyone else has any techniques they can share?

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