Have you got allergies and or intolerances or have a child who does? Do you feel lonely? Like you’re coping all alone and noone else really understands? This Allergy Support Group needs you!

Comments from previous attendee:

“It was great to meet you and thank you so much for inviting us. Rick and I really found the evening useful and interesting. It was so nice to talk to someone who suffers with allergies like my daughter Issy and great to share experiences and talk to someone who has had an anaphylaxis shock. It was also great to find out about foods Issy could have which we did not know about and nice to hear you have been to some restaurants! We are thinking about taking Issy at the weekend to McDonalds for a Fish finger Happy Meal!

“We took Issy to McDonalds at the weekend and she had a Fish Finger Happy Meal! Issy loved it and it was so nice to see her eat a McDonalds, so for the first time she has been able to eat out as a treat. This has happened all from the Support Group you arranged so Thank you so so much.”

The second Allergy Support Group – brought to you by the Anaphylaxis Campaign and www.whatallergy.com

After the success of my first Allergy Support group in March, I’m hosting another one on Thursday 21st June from 7pm until 9pm, in Buckinghamshire near Aylesbury.

This Allergy Support Group is in association with The Anaphylaxis Campaign who have kindly advertised the event to their members but anyone is welcome to attend, not just those who have joined the campaign.

The evening will be an opportunity to meet others who either live with or have a child living with allergy and to share experiences and advice in an informal environment.

It’s aim is to give support to those struggling on with allergies alone or newly diagnosed with lots of questions.

I’m hoping to invite along a dietician and there may be some other tasty surprises.

If you would like to attend please email: ruth@whatallergy.com for further details.

If you’re interested but don’t live near Buckinghamshire check out The Anaphylaxis Campaign website for other events including support groups, workshops, conference etc.


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