or checking out? to be honest, I have had a bit of an up and down time recently manfully trying to deal with the impact of PD on my life, work, family…everything basically. This may be a surprise given i was diagnosed January 2008, thats a while ago. But, no, everything came crashing down on me a few weeks ago and I’ve been picking up the pieces ever since.

So what have I learnt? Well,

  • Anti depressants are not the stuff of the devil, they do not reduce you to zombie-like compliance.
  • Neither are sleeping pills (for a short time anyway)
  • My friends are amazing. Amazing.
  • My family are too.
  • My employers likewise.
  • Its OK to accept help from outside.
  • PD doesn’t make you go made but it can shift the terrain you are navigating on quite radically. You get bent out of shape.
  • The trick is to acknowldege that there has been change and then adapt to meet the new challenge. Oh so easy to type but so very difficult to put into practice.
  • Stress makes my symptoms so much worse its just not funny. Aa does lack of sleep.

But the big lesson? I CAN DO THIS. I WILL LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT TO. I AM IN CONTROL (yes, I am). I will repeat these statements until they run through me like Blackpool Rock. The last few weeks have given me a glimpse of how flipping miserable life can be unless I get a grip on this condition. I have also had the chance to see what I could achieve so I’m slowly going to go for the prize. I am being realistic (A first for me) in accepting there will be setbacks along the way but I am hopeful. A new life. A new balance.


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  1. I was trying to work out what PD was but just as I’m typing this I see the tab at the bottom. Parkinsons. I have no experience of this disease but positive thinking is the key. Keep smiling.

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